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Aitch – Belgraveroad_1 Lyrics

Belgraveroad_1 Lyrics by Aitch is a New English song from the album “Close To Home” sung by popular rapper Aitch. Lyrics of this song are written by Aitch and music produced by WhyJay.

Belgraveroad_1 Lyrics

If you don’t see me in my sides with my guys
I be in the nice—

Yo, ain’t no leaders where I’m from
I gotta fly the flag
So my brothers, them have got me till the final lap
I feel like I’m floppin’ when I try relax
But it turned me to a boss because I like the graft
Built a couple bridges over minor gaps
Burned a couple too, s**t, I might struggle, but the time will pass
Long way from playin’ double up behind the flats
Lookin’ for some money, havin’ trouble tryna find the bag
Grew up with some snakes in thе bits
So make your bread, but just be carеful who you’re breakin’ it with
Brothers hate when you’re paid, girls as fake as their lips
Everybody turns salty, gotta take you a pinch
Raise my glass up in the air then go smash it off the wall
I don’t wanna pour one up if you won’t catch me when I fall
Call me bro, but you still struggle lookin’ at me when I talk

Hide my feelings, everybody say I’m hard to read
I got some problems, if I state, they wouldn’t half believe
S**t, they think it’s all party, beats, and Cardi Bs
I done lost a lot of love for the game
S**t changed, plus I feel like it don’t love me the same
I might expect too much or it just f**ks with my brain
I don’t know, feels like I’m stuck in a maze
Takes a lot to explain
Die for my little sister tomorrow
I’ll go to jail for my broski and I won’t feel a way
Put my ends on the map, I had to open the gate
Now they tag me in posts when they go down the lane

God got me, mum, I know that you pray
But I’m never far from home even though I’m away
See the rosary beads you left me when I open my case
From the roads to the road to be great, yeah
Dad told me, “Find a craft and go and master it”
Now he ain’t gotta graft, he just relax and find a gaff to flip
Some my family still on bag it up and package it
But some things never change
I’ll put my cash in for the damages
Still hungry like I need me a rack
You know the bando in Manny, really bees in the trap
I lost friends for a second, thought I needed ’em back
I never been more wrong, and s**t, we’ll leave it at that

Took a break to get some s**t up off my chest
Stopped myself from postin’, said I’m chillin’ for a sec
Told everyone I’m focused and I need a little rest
But if I’m honest, I just ghosted ’cause I split up with my ex
Life was cosy, had to pick up where I left
Booked a flight with couple brodies, took the business off my head
Lyin’ if I said I’m lonely, got my brothers to the death
If I die, give all my Rollies to the tugs and let ’em flex

(Why, fam?)
Yeah, go on then
I’ll shou-, I’ll th-, I’ll shout you tomorrow, go for a scran tomorrow, innit?
(Go on)
Alright, respect, yeah
(Alright, I’ll show you how to drive your SVR ’round, man)
Hahaha, say no more
(Safe, fam)
Safe, yeah
(Safe, man)
Safe, man

It’s hard followin’ your brain when you’re soul don’t care
It still feels like no one’s there
Sittin’ on my throne with an open stare
‘Cause to me, it’s just a broken chair
I love it at the top, but s**t, it’s cold up there
I kinda found out how it feels to be alone up there
Lookin’ for some hope, it never showed up there
But f**k it, I’m a solider, I can cope up there
Heart’s numb, s**t don’t feel the same
All the money in the world couldn’t heal the pain
All the honeys and the girls wanna deal with Aitch
But they deal with him too if he steals my name
Back then, I used to play they’d know me
But s**t ain’t what I thought, sometimes it ain’t so rosey
Kick back and think as I burn my spliff
Just block the world out and watch the day go slowly

Ayy, knobhead, I need these receipts
Rapido, you know?
I’ve got a f**kin’ Excel sheet in front of me, yeah
You would not believe how much money you’re throwin’ away without f**kin’ receipts
Just get back to me please, if you don’t mind?
In a bit

Song Details
Singer : Aitch
Album : Close To Home
Lyrics : Aitch, LiTek, WhyJay
Music : WhyJay, LiTek