Crocadillaz Lyrics – Gorillaz

Crocadillaz Lyrics by Gorillaz is a New English song from the album “Cracker Island” sung by popular band Gorillaz featuring De La Soul & Dawn Penn. Lyrics of this song are written by Damon Albarn and music produced by Gorillaz.

Song Details
Singer : Gorillaz, Dawn Penn, De La Soul
Album : Cracker Island
Lyrics : Damon Albarn, Dawn Penn
Music : Gorillaz

Crocadillaz Lyrics

Send a sentiment
Taste the destruction
Earth level angles folded and tucked in
Your four corners parade in seduction
Pretty veneer boys, step to the rear
I’mma play the chairman and step to the chair
It’s the darling of it all
Carving on the wall
Tag the A-Train to Altamira
Life is intoxicating, I need a beer
Witness the master, I see got the hammer (…?)
The dawn ain’t stoppin so the rocking don’t stop
The rain hasn’t fallen so the farmers won’t crop
The price of fame will not drop
Richochet baby, never the bullseye
Play the sheep, but beware of the wolf’s eye
Hypnotised by the crocodile’s smiles
The exchange is brief but watch for the teeth

Send them healing
They needed, talk
To look at things
Stay blessed, talk
Time of mindfulness
Prior to making changes
To look at things
No regrets

Do do do do do do do, mhm
Do do do do do do do do

Richochet bass is bouncing off the walls
Crocodile them cus’ they say it all
Grinning beginnings turn into bites
You can hide your hand but you can’t hide the yikes
Teeth lined in ivory bouncing off the walls
Gatorade sipping, that says it all
Hiding your hand but you can’t hide the yikes
Good rhythm, good vibes, an Uber, good night

Do do do do do do do, mhm

Crocadillaz Music Video

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