Forever Lyrics – Brodha V ft. KR$NA

Forever Lyrics by Brodha V is a New Rap song sung & performed by popular rapper Brodha V featuring KR$NA. Lyrics of this song are written by Brodha V & KR$NA and music given by Tone Jonez.

Forever Lyrics


Glory is inconceivable for those deluded with hate
My mental clarity in it’s lucidest state
They can’t grow so they wish you fall
And manifest malice their life is a blur, a tiny speck, a Japanese phallus
My chetas, my pullingo and machas don’t fall back
Got the streets covered like asphalt and tarmac
Yo my squad and I elite, forever win in silence
You couldn’t set the bar high with a liquor license (Haa)
Signing deals, stay efficient and maneuver in stealth
Self made, keep all the profits anf accumulate wealth
Brush the wrong way
And Imma have enamels bleed
You could be Disney
But you wouldn’t be able to channel V
Thanks to your daddy’s income
With your final molars inscribed with Buddhist texts
You still couldn’t carry wisdom
Doctor these strange feels, you Marvel at
This victor’s gonna doom your fate
And stretch you out like pants around a Yokozuna waist

On, forever, forever, forever, forever
(I go on, yeah)
Forever, forever, forever

Yeah, Dollar sign one time
I go on

Dollar sign, forever the prime
Developing eloquent lines, for delicate minds, we relevant
Suprise is the element I, revel inside
Gentleman they can’t f**k with these lines
These rhymes celibate (Haa)
You can tell I stay fly bin dekhe passport
Mujhe aaye takkar dene par likhai ka mila crash course (Damn)
Ye apni kala me kacche, zara na acche
Dudh peete bacche, bhag na paaye bachke, like they lack-toes (Haa)
Wahi mind state, karta nahi main time waste
Jhuthi hai inki linein
Baatein na rakhti maaine (Bhai dekh)
No monkey business when I try and say
How many of your finest rappers I’ve in my prime-ate
Leke aa tu crew tera, dollar $ign soot dega
Dekh ke wajood mera, hota inka mute chehra (Mute)
Lutera, leke jaaunga ab lut-tera
And if they attack, karun main snap back, new era (Haa)

Forever, forever, forever, forever
(I go on)
Forever, forever, forever

I built a niche, putting verses that be deep as haiku (Haiku)
In tracks I leave behind, impactful as the feet of kaiju
Can leave a decade off selling all my hasteful demos
And still hit new highs everyday like Timberlake falsettos (Forever)
Got you choking like there’s fluid in your trachea
Came to get killed like a nudist in Arabia (Hey)
I’m about to end y’all and prepone the climax
Take away your subs like a earphone with high pass
When I drop a single, it’s a carnival like Mardi Gras
You couldn’t create a wave with water in a balti (Ma)
See, I’m mostly nice but if you chose to throw your shots
Then imma have to drop you all like clothes at dhobi ghats
These p***y rappers (Haa), we gon’ leave ’em in the wet waste (Waste)
They can’t stomach you
You fetuses are dead weight
The next day, your ex say, she dreaming I’m her jet spray
Lifting up her sprits like her demons in a neck brace (Haa)

Forever, forever, forever, forever
(I go on)
Forever, forever, forever

Ain’t no competition, ye opposition hai frail
I hit ’em with the precision, of ammunition from planes
I’m winning every decision when I’m positioned to fail
Man I couldn’t feel rhythms if they were written in braille (Haa)
Iss mehnat ki kabhi mili na talia jaise Romanoff
But I kept this fire bottled up just like Molotovs
Game me rookies, want beef no stroganoff
These p**sies only talk, I call it vagina monologues
Dhyaan dete kharcho par, naam mera search toh kar
I stay grounded jaise betha main farsho par
They try and hit me with their hardest bars pump ho kar
But I keep pissing on their s**t, like the flush don’t work
I send ’em flying, they lyin’ like sabertooths
I’m an a**hole by Nature but never be-trae the Truth
Jitna chahe, kar na paaye, I come in and slay the booth
I see envy all around
But I shall remain aloof (And that’s)

Forever, forever, forever, forever
Forever, forever, forever

Song Details
Singer : Brodha V, KR$NA
Lyrics : Brodha V, KR$NA
Music : Tone Jonez