Icewear Vezzo – It’s On The Flo Lyrics

It’s on the Flo Lyrics by Icewear Vezzo is a New English song from the album “Rich Off Pints 3” sung by popular artist Icewear Vezzo. Lyrics of this song are written by Icewear Vezzo and music produced by BeatsByMAX.

It’s on the Flo Lyrics

Always countin’ that s**t early, ni**a
Keep playin’ games like that
Bi**h you know that what’s (…?)
Talk to ’em, you know what I’m sayin’
(Iced Up Records)

Freaky bi**h, got my pinky lit, she hop out eat the ****
Freezy wrist, can’t stand no needy bi**h, my wrist like
Jeezy s**t
Lay him down, we shoot like bad text
This chop deletin’ s**t
I count so much dog s**t in one night, big Glock don’t need a switch
Bust my necklace down and like four rings
I spent two hundred strips
Big paper, you playin’ ’round with that cheese, go get your onion clipped
Me and Face gon’ laugh right to the bank
Be on some funny s**t
Got too much jewelry hangin’ ’round my neck, I got a dummy kit
Ooh, we on some other s**t
Playin’ roles, put racks right on your top
Gon’ get your brother hit
Bag drop, I hit s**t with that FN, can cop a flooded wrist
If that p***y hit and you won’t go
Might get your stomach fixed

(Iced Up Records)
It’s on the flo’
Bi**h, it’s on the flo’
Ooh, it’s on the flo’
Yeah, bi**h we on go

I’ve got too much dog s**t in my pockets, make my pants tight
Bend them knees, open up your mouth, ho, what that head like?
Don’t wanna do no songs with none these rappers, they the fed type
Pour a eight of Hi-Tech in my soda like a red light
I can’t keep a wolf around my friends
He tried to rob me
We’re known to chase a ni’ through SRT
I’m tryin’ to dodge ’em
Poured a six and mixed it with a six, that’s a problem
Pop a Tesla, two Perkies and one Xan, that’s a combo
On the stage, I got pole up in my hand
Don’t f**k with no more Purple jeans
Can’t hold lot of my bands
Brand new Cullinan cost four hundred somethin’ grand
Just set that bi**h on Forgios
New Fs look like I’m rollin’ on big FN

(Iced Up Records)
It’s on the flo’
Bi**h, it’s on the flo’
Ooh, it’s on the flo’
Yeah, bi**h we on go

Song Details
Singer : Icewear Vezzo
Album : Rich Off Pints 3
Lyrics : Icewear Vezzo
Music : BeatsByMAX

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