INSIDE – Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott : Song Review

INSIDE – Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott : Song Review

INSIDE : Song Review

INSIDE by Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott, here the song INSIDE lyrics describe a conflicted relationship where the speaker feels torn between being outside and wanting to be inside with their partner. They recognize that they should be spending more time inside with their loved one but often find themselves outside instead. The song mentions themes of longing, realization, and the struggle between external distractions and the desire for intimate connection. The speaker also reflects on various moments and feelings, including driving a Mercedes, the daily grind, and the yearning for honesty and deeper connection in the relationship.

Here are some Key lines from the song “INSIDE”

1. Ain’t a time that I’m not outside I don’t realize that I should be inside, Inside with you
2. I need that Mercedes back (Back) Southside, baby (Southside)
3. Pourin’ fours on the daily, Swingin’ ‘bows on the daily
4. For once, let’s be honest, ‘Fore love was sweet, not a contest
5. It’s the first of the month, stop actin’ funny, You know that you don’t need my money
6. My sports car will need a min’, Better beat me there, better meet me there

These lines capture the central themes of the song, including the tension between being outside versus being inside with a loved one, material desires, and the importance of honesty in relationships.

INSIDE by Don Toliver : This song sung by popular rapper Don Toliver featuring Travis Scott, is a new addition to the English Rap music scene, featured in the album “Hardstone Psycho”. INSIDE song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

INSIDE Song Credits

Artists : Don Toliver, Travis Scott
Album : Hardstone Psycho
Lyrics : Don Toliver, Travis Scott
Music : Jahaan Sweet, Sir Dylan, OZ, 206Derek, Bryan Yepes
Label : Atlantic Records, Cactus Jack Records

INSIDE - Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott : Song Review
INSIDE – Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott