NAV – Count On Me Lyrics

Count On Me Lyrics by NAV is a New English song from the album “Demons Protected by Angels” sung by popular artist NAV. Lyrics of this song are written by NAV & Rex Kudo and music produced by Aaron Paris.

Count On Me Lyrics

I look great on the surface, but I’m not doin’ well (Not doin’ well)
Get to where I’m goin, I put myself through hell
Not the happiest person, but nobody could tell
‘Cause I never cry for help, I’d rather cry by myself (Yeah)

Can’t let what someone say about me make me down (Woah-oh)
Thought I did this s**t correctly, but still they don’t respect me
I wonder why they hate me now
(Hate me now)
Why don’t they accept me?
They just keep on rejectin’ me and
It startin’ to break me down
When my problems get the best of me, forget about my blessings
I don’t care if they take me now (Yeah)

I ain’t scared to die, I’m scared to live too long
Don’t wanna find out which friend gon’ stab me in my back
Don’t wanna find out who my ex with when she moves on
Don’t wanna find out when I’m workin’, I’m tryna relax
I don’t wanna know when I’m fallin’ off
I don’t wanna know who not gon’ take my calls
I know I’ll only be around for so long (So long)
But when they count me out, who can I count on? (Me)

I got me, I got me (I can count on me)
I can count on me, I can count on me
I got me, I got me (I can count on me)
I can count on me, I can count on me

Song Details
Singer : NAV
Album : Demons Protected by Angels
Lyrics : NAV, Rex Kudo, Carlton McDowell
Music : Reece, Rex Kudo, NAV, Aaron Paris
Label : Republic Records

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