Nina Nesbitt – Older Guys Lyrics

Older Guys Lyrics by Nina Nesbitt is a New English song from the album “Älskar (Deluxe Edition)” sung by popular artist Nina Nesbitt. Lyrics of this song are written by Nina Nesbitt and music also produced by Nina Nesbitt.

Older Guys Lyrics

Look at us, we made it out alive
Those were the years that I learned to survive
Maybe youth ain’t the time of our lives
They just romanticise it
Met you at a party on Halloween
You were studyin’ at university
And all your friends would laugh and joke about me
But I didn’t mind being a punchline at sixteen

I liked that you were older
But at the time I didn’t understand
It’s ’cause you held the power
And I thought love was meant to feel like that
All the things I gave you
Now I wish I could takе them all right back
‘Cause I wasn’t a woman yet
But you wеre a man
I was just a girl in love with a man

And it felt like a twisted game you’d play
Of who could take my innocence away
But it wasn’t yours, no, never yours to claim
I thought that true love was to give yourself away

It sent me into orbit
Knowing that you wanted me like that
Didn’t see a problem
It’s only now I’m older, looking back
Made me feel so special
Now the only thing I feel is mad
‘Cause I wasn’t a woman yet
But you were a man
I wasn’t a woman yet
But now I am

You’d pick me up in your car
We’d go speedin’ down the lanes
I’d meet you in town with my fake ID
Claiming I was twenty-three to get into bars
I never felt so cool
And now I know you probably knew that I
Would do anything to impress you
And now I wonder,
Is that how they get you?

They say that your youth is meant to be the time of your life
But I feel f**kin’ stupid that I was cryin’ over older guys
Bet they don’t think about it
Wish I knew what I know now back then
‘Cause I wasn’t a woman yet
But you were a man
I was just a girl in love with a man

Song Details
Singer : Nina Nesbitt
Album : Älskar (Deluxe Edition)
Lyrics : Nina Nesbitt
Music : Nina Nesbitt