Nubya Garcia Announces New Album “Odyssey”

Nubya Garcia Announces New Album “Odyssey”

Celebrated saxophonist Nubya Garcia has announced her upcoming album titled “Odyssey,” out 20th September 2024, much to the excitement of jazz enthusiasts worldwide. Known for her innovative blend of jazz with contemporary genres, Garcia continues to push musical boundaries with this new release. Alongside the album announcement, she has also shared a new track, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from “Odyssey.”

Garcia, a prominent figure in the modern jazz scene, has gained acclaim for her dynamic performances and evocative compositions. Her previous works, including the critically acclaimed album “Source,” have solidified her reputation as a pioneering artist in the genre. “Odyssey” promises to further explore and expand her musical horizons.

The newly released song showcases Garcia’s signature sound—rich, emotive saxophone lines intertwined with complex rhythms and harmonies. The track’s intricate arrangement and expressive melodies are indicative of the album’s overarching themes, hinting at a journey through diverse musical landscapes.

In discussing “Odyssey,” Garcia emphasizes the album’s concept of exploration and self-discovery. She describes it as a sonic journey that traverses various cultures and influences, reflecting her own experiences and growth as an artist. Fans can expect a blend of traditional jazz elements with modern twists, as well as collaborations with other talented musicians.

The announcement of “Odyssey” and the release of the new song “The Seer”, have generated significant anticipation. Listeners and critics alike are eager to experience the full album, which is set to be a landmark addition to Garcia’s already impressive discography.

Stay tuned for more updates as Nubya Garcia‘s “Odyssey” unfolds, promising a compelling and innovative addition to the world of contemporary jazz.

Odyssey (2024) Tracklist – Nubya Garcia

1. Dawn (ft. Esperanza Spalding)
2. Odyssey
3. Solstice
4. Set It Free (ft. Richie)
5. The Seer
6. Odyssey (Outerlude)
7. We Walk in Gold (ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
8. Water’s Path
9. Clarity
10. In Other Words, Living
11. Clarity (Outerlude)
12. Triumphance

The Seer – Nubya Garcia (Audio)

Odyssey (Album Trailer)