RM ? (Interlude) Lyrics

RM ? (Interlude) Lyrics

[? (Interlude) Lyrics]

Would it been better if I didn’t know you
But every feeling I did feel is so true
I just hope you remember me
The best grave in your cemetery
You know you got the best of me
Do you know me? I don’t mind at all
What goes around comes around
Goes around comes around

? (Interlude) (Music Video)

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? (Interlude) Lyrics : This song sung by popular rapper RM of BTS, is a New addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Right Place, Wrong Person”. ? (Interlude) song will be release on May 24, 2024 accompanied by a music video, under the music label “BIGHIT MUSIC”. Stay tuned with us for the official release.

Right Place, Wrong Person (Tracklist)

1. Right People, Wrong Place
2. Nuts
3. Out of love
4. Domodachi
5. ? (Interlude)
6. Groin
7. Heaven
8. LOST!
9. Around the world in a day
10. ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll)
11. Come back to me

? (Interlude) Song Credits

Singer : RM
Album : Right Place, Wrong Person
Lyrics : RM
Music : RM

? (Interlude) Song: Q&A

Who sung the song “? (Interlude)” by RM?
Ans. RM

Who wrote the lyrics of “? (Interlude)” by RM?
Ans. RM

Who produced “? (Interlude)” by RM?
Ans. RM

When will RM release “? (Interlude)”?
Ans. May 24, 2024

When will RM release the album “Right Place, Wrong Person”?
Ans. May 24, 2024

Artist Bio

RM, also known as Rap Monster, is the leader and main rapper of the South Korean boy band BTS. His real name is Kim Nam-joon, and he was born on September 12, 1994, in Ilsan, South Korea. For more information: Click here

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RM ? (Interlude) Lyrics
RM ? (Interlude) Lyrics