Song Review ABCD by NAYEON in English

Song Review ABCD by NAYEON in English

ABCD by NAYEON : Song Review

ABCD by NAYEON, this song lyrics describes a confident and passionate pursuit of love. The singer addresses someone they are attracted to, expressing a strong desire to be with them and assuring that they will teach them how to fall in love. The lyrics highlight the intensity of their feelings, the inevitability of the other person falling for them, and the idea of becoming one. The recurring themes include love, desire, excitement, and the process of falling deeply in love. The singer emphasizes a no-nonsense approach, driven by instinct and emotion, and portrays love as an irresistible and hypnotic experience.

Here are some Key lines from the song “ABCD by NAYEON”:

1. See it bloom my desire (My desire, my desire) / Gotta get what I want (Ooh)

2. All I want is love, love with you

3. Stop thinkin’, betcha can’t resist (Break it down now)

4. (Hey, listen to me now) Ayy, you’re gonna be my babe / Everytime you see me, fall deeper, deeper, babe

5. I’ll teach you how to fall in love

6. You’ve come into my fantasy / No way outta my gravity

7. In love, in love / Can’t get enough

8. Hey you’re falling for me you’re hypnotized (Yeah) / Possessed we’re becoming one, you and I

9. Just follow my lead my babe / From now on Imma drive you crazy

10. See me bloom feel alive / Can’t hide the excitement (Ooh)

11. I don’t care and I like, yeah (Yeah) / A to Z, you’re my type, yeah

12. I’ll show you baby, how to love (I’ll show you baby, love) / Easy and simple one by one (Easy and simple one)

These lines capture the essence of the song’s themes of love, attraction, and desire.

ABCD (Music Video)

ABCD by NAYEON : This song sung by popular singer NAYEON, is a new addition to the Korean music scene, featured in the album “NA”. ABCD song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

ABCD Song Credits

Singer : NAYEON
Album : NA
Lyrics : J.Y. Park, Rick Bridges
Music : Pdogg, EVAN (KOR), GHSTLOOP, aron wyme
Label : JYP Entertainment

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Song Review ABCD by NAYEON in English
Song Review ABCD by NAYEON in English