Song Review Bad Movie by Florrie

Song Review Bad Movie by Florrie

Bad Movie by Florrie : Song Review

Bad Movie by Florrie, the song lyrics depict a troubled relationship where the artist feels trapped in a repetitive and unsatisfactory dynamic, likening it to being in a “Bad Movie.” The artist expresses sadness, frustration, and exhaustion from trying to fix the relationship and rewrite their story, but nothing ever seems to work out. Despite having good intentions, doubts and self-centeredness from one partner led to the love wearing thin. The relationship is portrayed as a cycle of falling apart and failed attempts at reconciliation, with both individuals unable to fulfill the roles they once envisioned for each other.

Here are some Key lines from the song “Bad Movie by Florrie”:

1. I’ve never forgotten the night that you left
2. Did this love get way too heavy? I’m just
3. Too sad for you to fix me
4. Our story’s ever changing
5. We’re in a bad movie
6. But that’s not you and that’s not me
7. You know I’ve tried a thousand times
8. Nothing ever works out right
9. This lonely obsession you had with yourself
10. It was always you and nobody else

These lines capture the essence of the song’s themes of heartbreak, disillusionment, and the struggle to mend a relationship that feels like a poorly scripted movie.

Bad Movie (Music Video)

Bad Movie by Florrie : This song sung by popular singer Florrie, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “The Lost Ones”. Bad Movie song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

Bad Movie Song Credits

Singer : Florrie
Album : The Lost Ones
Lyrics : Florrie, Clara McHugh, Owen Parker, Kyle Mackenzie, Archie Campbell, Brian Higgins, Ben Taylor, Keir MacCulloch
Music : Brian Higgins, Florrie, Ben Taylor
Label : BMG

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Song Review Bad Movie by Florrie
Song Review Bad Movie by Florrie