Song Review Get You Back by Florrie

Song Review Get You Back by Florrie

Get You Back by Florrie : Song Review

Get You Back by Florrie, the song lyrics depict a tumultuous relationship filled with regret and betrayal. The artist reflects on a past relationship, contemplating if things would be different if they had made other choices. They recall building a life together, symbolized by a castle, but now see that their partner was selfish and deceitful. Despite recognizing the flaws, the narrator is determined to win their partner back, driven by a relentless desire for reconciliation, even though the relationship seems irreparably damaged. The tone shifts from nostalgic and regretful to vengeful and resolute, highlighting the narrator’s complex emotions and inner turmoil.

Here are some Key lines from the song “Get You Back by Florrie”:

1. If I could go back by myself / Maybe you would be with, with someone else

2. And If I could bring back all we had / Maybe then it wouldn’t feel so bad

3. Now you’re acting kind of strange / And I think I’ve seen the truth / ’Cause I know the only thing / You ever cared about was you

4. And we built it brick by brick / In our castle made for two

5. Painted pictures on the bedroom wall / You said we’d make it through

6. And we build it brick by brick / With your broken web of lies

7. But I’ve heard ’em all before / And you’re not fooling me this time

8. I won’t stop till I get you back / I get you back, I’m gonna get you back

9. When I’m finished with you / There won’t be any place left to hide / And I’ll see to that

These lines encapsulate the emotions and storyline of the song, emphasizing the pain of betrayal and the drive for retribution.

Get You Back (MV)

Get You Back by Florrie : This song sung by popular singer Florrie, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “The Lost Ones”. Get You Back song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

Get You Back Song Credits

Singer : Florrie
Album : The Lost Ones
Lyrics : Florrie, Brian Higgins, Toby Scott, Sam Martin, Jason Resch, Kieran Jones, Hight, Luke Fitton
Music : Ben Taylor, Florrie
Label : BMG

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Song Review Get You Back by Florrie
Song Review Get You Back by Florrie