Song Review Honeymoon’s Over by Florrie

Song Review Honeymoon’s Over by Florrie

Song Review Honeymoon’s Over

Honeymoon’s Over by Florrie, the song lyrics reflects on a past relationship where both parties struggled as their love faded. Despite efforts to help and maintain the relationship, they ultimately parted ways. The artist expresses regret for leaving and acknowledges the difficulty of coping when the love ran out. The song highlights the end of the “honeymoon phase,” recognizing that they got caught up in the excitement and emotions (“chemicals”) and now wish they could be closer, despite believing they needed closure. The overall tone is one of remorse and longing for the connection they lost.

Here are some Key lines from the song “Honeymoon’s Over by Florrie”:

1. I know I hurt you, you know I’m sorry
2. But sometimes, I still regret I left when the love ran out
3. And the honeymoon’s over
4. We got so caught up in the chemicals, now we’re sober
5. I guess we fooled ourselves into thinking we wanted closure
6. But I still wish we could be closer
7. Now I spend these nights alone
8. You kept on hoping and I stopped coping

These lines highlight the themes of regret, the end of a relationship, and the longing for closeness despite past mistakes.

Honeymoon’s Over (Music Video)

Honeymoon’s Over by Florrie : This song sung by popular singer Florrie , is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “The Lost Ones”. Honeymoon’s Over song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

Honeymoon’s Over Song Credits

Singer : Florrie
Album : The Lost Ones
Lyrics : Florrie, Clara McHugh, Owen Parker, Kyle Mackenzie, Archie Campbell, Brian Higgins, Ben Taylor, Keir MacCulloch
Music : Florrie, Ben Taylor, Brian Higgins
Label : BMG

Song Review Honeymoon's Over by Florrie
Song Review Honeymoon’s Over by Florrie