Song Review Looking for Love by Florrie

Song Review Looking for Love by Florrie

Song Review Looking for Love

Looking for Love by Florrie, this song lyrics told a story about regret and realization in a turbulent relationship. The singer acknowledges their mistakes and stubbornness while holding onto a partner they hoped would change. Despite feeling torn and scared, they find themselves drawn back to the partner. Reflecting on their search for love, they recognize that they might have been looking in the wrong places and wasting what they once had. The repeated imagery of rain emphasizes the overwhelming and persistent nature of their emotional struggle. Ultimately, the song conveys a sense of yearning and the painful lessons learned in love.

Here are some Key lines from the song “Looking for Love by Florrie”:

1. I took the roses while you begged for me to stay / I knew I was wrong for holding on
2. Ever the optimist I thought that you might change / Oh, was I so wrong for holding on?
3. Am I looking for love in the wrong places? / I, I had it all, but it went to waste
4. Pull back at the curtains again and it’s pouring down / And I’m calling out for you
5. I’m so torn and it scares me to death / But I’m running now / Yeah, I’m running back for you
6. I’ve been stubborn, I’ve been hot-headed and cold
7. I took the diamonds, I bought every word you sold / While you whispered softly how you adored me
8. And I wonder if I ever really knew your heart / Now I’m covering the battle scars
9. ‘Cause it never really rains, it pours / No, it never really rains, it pours

These lines capture the themes of regret, introspection, and the realization of seeking love in the wrong places.

Looking for Love (MV)

Looking for Love by Florrie : This song sung by popular singer Florrie, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “The Lost Ones”. Looking for Love song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

Looking for Love Song Credits

Singer : Florrie
Album : The Lost Ones
Lyrics : Florrie, Ben Taylor, Owen Parker, Annie Yuill, Wayne Hector, Brian Higgins, Hight
Music : Brian Higgins, Florrie, Ben Taylor
Label : BMG

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Song Review Looking for Love by Florrie
Song Review Looking for Love by Florrie