Song Review Love Hearts by Florrie

Song Review Love Hearts by Florrie

Love Hearts by Florrie : Song Review

Love Hearts by Florrie, the song lyrics describe a complex and troubled relationship. The singer acknowledges that while their partner tried hard to please them, their own delicate emotions and the partner’s insecurities led to an unhealthy obsession. Despite efforts to stay devoted, the relationship was doomed from the start. The partner’s repeated attempts to rekindle the romance, symbolized by sending love hearts and reminders of important dates, only serve as painful reminders that the relationship was over before it truly began. The singer reflects on the false promises and dreams sold by the partner, ultimately hoping that they find peace. The underlying theme is about the invisible, consuming nature of unresolved feelings and the struggle to move on.

Here are some Key lines from the song “Love Hearts by Florrie”:

1. I never said it was gonna be easy / You tried your best just to please me

2. All of my delicate emotions / Played on your insecurities

3. You were hell, you were heaven / Couldn’t hide your stubborn devotion

4. Writing messages in my / Messages in my calendar, mm-mm / So you don’t forget / My birthday is in December

5. Oh, you keep sending me love hearts / Saying be mine, but I never buy it

6. And you think you can come over / And make it alright, this time, this time

7. You swore on us and made me a promise / Sold a dream and I bought it

8. It was over so long ago now / But the flame never goes out

9. Holding on to all of the heartache / And my hope is that you’ll find peace

10. It’s invisible and it’s eating you up inside / Like an animal with an infamous appetite

These lines collectively paint a picture of a complicated relationship marked by emotional struggles, unfulfilled promises, and lingering heartache.

Love Hearts (Music Video)

Love Hearts by Florrie : This song sung by popular singer Florrie, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “The Lost Ones”. Love Hearts song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

Love Hearts Song Credits

Singer : Florrie
Album : The Lost Ones
Lyrics : Florrie, Clara McHugh, Owen Parker, Kyle Mackenzie, Archie Campbell, Brian Higgins, Ben Taylor, Keir MacCulloch
Music : Brian Higgins, Florrie, Ben Taylor
Label : BMG

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Song Review Love Hearts by Florrie
Song Review Love Hearts by Florrie