Song Review Who’s That Girl by Ikka & Guru Randhawa in English

Song Review Who’s That Girl by Ikka & Guru Randhawa in English

Who’s That Girl by Ikka & Guru Randhawa : Song Review

Who’s That Girl by Ikka & Guru Randhawa, this song lyrics is a vibrant and catchy celebration of a girl’s beauty and charisma. It uses a blend of Punjabi and Hindi to paint a vivid picture of her charm and allure. The girl is compared to a peacock in her elegance and is described as having mesmerizing features and a captivating style. The lyrics highlight her star-like qualities and her unparalleled luck, granted by nature.

Song Who’s That Girl lyrics also delves into modern cultural references, mentioning social media trends, high fashion brands, and celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. The girl’s beauty and style are depicted as causing a sensation, making her stand out in any crowd. The verses switch between admiration and playful, flirtatious tones, indicating the girl’s impact on everyone around her.

Overall, the song “Who’s That Girl” is an upbeat ode to the girl’s unique and irresistible appeal, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create an energetic and engaging narrative.

Here are some Key lines from the song “Who’s That Girl by Ikka & Guru Randhawa”

1. “Baal kaale kaale shaah kude, Teri morni di chaal kude”

2. “Sitareyan di thaal, Har adaa e kamaal kude”

3. “Tera pipli da luckk, Kudrat ne banayeya bemisal”

4. “Ghutt lagge na kareena ton katrina ton, Bombay sher payeya, Billo tu dhamaal”

5. “Ni tu cali di kali kude, Mundeer murreh, Thoda bachke bachke mutiyar”

6. “Aaj ka shayar kare Tere liye araz”

7. “Ab ishq hai saza, Ab ishq nhi marz”

8. “Na chahiye dil ussay, Ussay chahiye gucci purse”

9. “Tic Tok, Walk kare criss cross, Har nazar uspe, Jaise khele big boss”

10. “Naa chahe pain karre heels bohot, Long legs chale Itara k hille kamar hai”

11. “O kookan jadon paawe, Phika sur bansuri da, Uski ankhe chaddi chaddi, Kar rakha hai sativa”

12. “Munde saare ne barood, Kudey ainwe nai machida, Khalnayak leke jayega, Iss dil madhuri ka”

13. “Tu hai bomb chori, Teri choli kare jung chori, Talibani hatiyar”

14. “Brown skin tera tan shortie, Semi automatic gun shortie”

These lines highlight the song’s themes of admiration, beauty, and modern cultural references.

Who’s That Girl (MV)

Who’s That Girl by Ikka & Guru Randhawa : This song sung by Guru Randhawa & Ikka, is a new addition to the Hindi music scene, featured in the album “Only Love Gets Reply”. Who’s That Girl song was released on June 17, 2024 accompanied by a music video featuring Guru Randhawa, Ikka & Amy Aela.

Who’s That Girl Song Credits

Singers : Guru Randhawa, Ikka
Album : Only Love Gets Reply
Lyrics : Ikka
Music : Sanjoy
Label : T-Series

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