Invisible Wounds Lyrics AURORA

Invisible Wounds Lyrics : And now my blood is yours. And life is slowly losing touch. How do you learn to tend to. These invisible wounds our homes gave us

The Blade Lyrics AURORA

The Blade Lyrics : Fall into my arms like you trust me. And keep my bloodstained hands off your body. Innocent like a child

Starvation Lyrics AURORA

Starvation Lyrics : Why do we have to die for us to see the light?. Oh, we hunger for love. Why do we touch the night when we long to feel alive?.

My Name Lyrics AURORA

My Name Lyrics : My name was hidden somewhere in the back of my brain. I didn’t know before my head was drained.

Dreams Lyrics AURORA

Dreams Lyrics : In my dreams. Everything’s more quiet than here. In my dreams. Everything I feel disappears