RM ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll) Lyrics

ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll) Lyrics : When the credits roll do you hang tight?. Do you stay inside or go off to life?. I’m so grateful for everyone’s time

RM LOST! Lyrics

LOST! Lyrics : Love. How you get in love like, oh?. How you get love?. Take it for the love like, oh. How’d you get lost?

RM Heaven Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics : Take my heaven. ‘Cause you ain’t inside it. If that’s your delight. Come ruin my vibe. Take my heaven

RM Groin Lyrics

Groin Lyrics : 세상엔 재수 없는 새끼가 많아. 어쩌라고 뭐 가던 길이나 가라. 세상엔 알 수 없는 새끼가 많아. 부딪칠 것 같으면 난 더 세게 밟아

RM ? (Interlude) Lyrics

? (Interlude) Lyrics : Would it been better if I didn’t know you. But every feeling I did feel is so true. I just hope you remember me

RM Domodachi Lyrics

Domodachi Lyrics : Muf*ckas want a bigger growl, muf*ckas need a damn patrol. I been slipping through all kinda bullshit, 잊었어 나의 출신