Taylor Swift – Fortnight : Song Review

Taylor Swift – Fortnight : Song Review

Fortnight : Song Review

Fortnight by Taylor Swift, song lyrics portrays the intense emotions of someone grappling with unrequited love and the aftermath of a fleeting, passionate relationship that lasted only a fortnight (two weeks). The protagonist reflects on their past alcoholism, their unnoticed changes, and a significant connection with someone now living nearby. Despite attempts to move on, they are plagued by obsessive thoughts and jealousy towards their former lover’s spouse and their own. The recurring theme is the detrimental impact of this love on their life, capturing feelings of longing, regret, and emotional turmoil.

Here are some key lines from this song “Fortnight”

1. All my mornings are Mondays stuck in an endless February.
2. And I love you, it’s ruining my life.
3. And for a fortnight there, we were forever.
4. Your wife waters flowers, I wanna kill her.
5. My husband is cheating, I wanna kill him.
6. Thought of calling ya, but you won’t pick up.
7. ‘Nother fortnight lost in America.

These lines capture the themes of longing, regret, and the painful complexity of relationships and justify the song title “Fortnight”.

Taylor Swift - Fortnight
Taylor Swift – Fortnight : Song Review

Taylor Swift – Fortnight : This song sung by popular singer Taylor Swift featuring Post Malone, is a latest addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT: THE ANTHOLOGY”. Fortnight song was released on April 19, 2024 accompanied by a music video.

Fortnight Song Credits

Singers : Taylor Swift, Post Malone
Lyrics : Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Post Malone
Music : Jack Antonoff, Taylor Swift
Label : Republic Records