Way Bigger Lyrics King | New Hindi Rap Song 2024

Way Bigger Lyrics King | New Hindi Rap Song 2024

Way Bigger Lyrics


She looked at me and called me handsome
Wo jaanti hai I’m not any random
She’s asking me, “How many language you can speak?”
I said Gandhi, Elizabeth and Benjamin
Wo hass rahi, wo jaanti currency
Meri history kaha aur mai kaha hu currently
Maine dekha le rahi feeling, bees foot unchi ceiling (Yeah)
Kaamyabi lamba rasta hai but I’m not a lane switcher
Sabko chahiye saalon se but I got it way quicker
Wo sochte hai kaafi hu mai fortunate, oh yes I’m
But my hardwork is way bigger
Mai karna chahta nahi zyada **** rone
Pure jeevan rahe khone, aansuon se aansu dhone par
X Miikey kehta sapne sach hone
Ustaad hum inn servant room’on mein phirse nahi sone
Wo kehti mujhse raaton mein kyu ghoomta
Mai unhi galiyon se niklu to khudki aankhein chumta
Mere jaise bante one in a million
Ye sab hi jaante hain, mai bas aage se ni poochta
Insecurity, kaafiyo mein aa rakhi
Aur kyu naa ho, chala raha puri ek monopoly
Too many wannabes hated on me just because I fucked this game up in four years, single handedly
Single handedly? Yeah you heard it right
Mai London jaa raha leke subah-subah ki flight
Ek hafte ke schedule mein baatcheet itni tight
Maine halak ke niche ka inka choke kar rakha windpipe
Is it worth the hate? Or is it worth the fight
Shayad aapne dekha bas kalakaari ka ek hi side
Dusri side, mere jaise bohot kam who decides what to do and what to say when the time is right

And you can sit back ‘n’ relax and watch the clowns fight
I mean, it’s up to you which side you wanna ride
Nothing last forever, that’s my culprit side
So let me fuck this game up one more time baby

Yeah, checkout
Custom jewellery, custom outfits
Mai karu concert toh mere hi show pe mere outlets
Mera crowd lit, they sing along every goddamn song
Do ghante se khada sirf dekhu who sings the loudest
Who’s the realest, who’s the proudest
Who’s just pretending cool just to be a part of it
Trust me I’m not proud of it
Trust me I’ve got lot of hits
Trust me I’m damn confident
Trust me I’m-
Nazre pher naa, tu mudke aake dekhna
Mai wo ladka sarkari ka jo zindagi mein fail naa
Mere ek bhai ko hai khelna, mera ek bhai meri gail naa
Mera ek bhai OD se gaya aur ek ko ab tak bail naa
Hmm, what a beautiful past
Baatein dhoondli hoti jaa rahi hai par yaadein hai kaid
And I’m writing down the future I guess tees saal advance
If you hate me till that day you might end up being a fan

You might end up being a fan
You know it
You might, end up being a fan
I know it

Way Bigger (MV)

Way Bigger Lyrics King : This song sung by King, a new addition to the Hindi Rap music scene, featured in the album “MM”. Way Bigger song was released on June 14, 2024 accompanied by a music video featuring King.

Way Bigger Song Credits

Artist : King
Album : MM
Lyrics : King
Music : Jaz
Label : King

Way Bigger Song: Q&A

Who performed the song “Way Bigger” by King?
Ans. King

Who wrote the lyrics of “Way Bigger” by King?
Ans. King

Who produced “Way Bigger” by King?
Ans. Jaz

Who directed the music video “Way Bigger” by King?
Ans. Tathagat Pant

When did King release the song “Way Bigger”?
Ans. June 14, 2024

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Way Bigger Lyrics King
Way Bigger Lyrics King