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Wintering Lyrics – The 1975

Wintering Lyrics by The 1975 is a New English song from the album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” sung by popular pop band The 1975. Lyrics of this song are written by Matthew Healy & Jacob Bugden and music produced by Matthew Healy.

Wintering Lyrics

Yeah, it’s just like
It should start, it just
It should just come straight in
And just be like-

She walks down the stairs, feeling herself
Lookin’ like she just won a court case
He’s got a funny way of using the same
Four chords for every song he makes
He’s called Bill and he plays with words
Like a skill, yeah he’s pretty great
He said his official friend died ’cause of a officiate
Yeah, she’s called Hannah and she plays the Joanna
Grade eight but she’s got no soul
John’s obsessed with fat a** and hе’s ten years old
Oh, Dad’s an Otis Redding at a wеdding type guy
With the best voice you ever heard
He said, “Give me a date I can work on, my heart hurts”

I get home on the twenty-third
I’ll drive up on the twenty-third

And I bumped into Julie in the co-op
She asked how the family’s been
I said “Alex is a sculptor and Olivia’s been a vegan since ten
While Vin wears dresses while Debbie coalesces in a fleece that doesn’t work”
And I’ll be givin’ my chair to my mum ’cause her back hurts

I get home on the twenty-third
Yeah, I drive up on the twenty-third (Yeah, yeah)

Now mum’s not a fan of that line about her back
She said it makes her sound frumpy and old
I said, “Woman, you are 64 years old”

Now, stop the percussion
I wanna have a discussion
And it’s Christmas so this is gonna be a nightmare
I just came for the stuffin’, not to argue about nothin’
Mark my words

I’ll be home on the twenty-third
Yeah, I drive up on the twenty-third
(Yeah, I come home on the twenty-third)

Song Details
Singer : The 1975
Album : Being Funny in a Foreign Language
Lyrics : Matthew Healy, George Daniel, Jacob Bugden
Music : Matthew Healy, George Daniel
Label : Dirty Hit