YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Hold Your Own Lyrics

Hold Your Own Lyrics by YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a New English song from the album “The Last Slimeto” sung by popular rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Lyrics of this song are written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and music produced by Bans.

Hold Your Own Lyrics

(Ayo, Bans, what you cookin’?)
(It’s Malik on the track)
(Run that s**t up, Jay)
It’s YoungBoy
(Khris James, what the f**k?)

Street ni**a and she got a real possessive body
Youngin’, don’t you want your life?
Don’t be stupid, this ain’t kamikaze
How you ‘posed to hustle?
You can’t focus, you out here takin’ Roxies
Knowin’ I got the trick like hocus pocus for to drop the boxes

Hold your own, young man
And remember no love
Inside these streets you roam

Go, New York in a peacoat, catch me jumpin’ out of taxis
Just paid ten million for my taxes, no time for flashin’
Transaction active, he too flashy
What’s the worse perhaps could happen?
Result in him tied up on the other sidе of the bed, stuffed undеr the mattress
Tryna twist my world around like she a Rubik’s Cube
Tryna bring some love around to stop my hustle, I’ll murder Cupid
She say, You don’t deserve me, stupid, you f**kin’ jerk, let go of my shirt
Since grandma died, I ain’t go to church
She a gospel woman, the past hurt
In the eight Atlantic section, hand in a pot, I’m with VL
Been a chef before a rapper, I was tryna show ’em that my recipes still good still
Duckin’ from a line of steel, they done (…?) [1:15] the car
Tell the bosses in my time, “I’m on the line, hold your cigar”
Shots fired, we send ’em back, the neighbors say they saw us
And they knowin’ we can’t control it
But try protectin’ they lil’ boy
Feelin’ insecure, I could work you good
But feel like a lil’ boy
That’s just me, I’m thinkin’ out loud
But your bi**h’ll tell you I go hard
I done jumped up out my sleep, I’m on K2, it’s not that boy
No direction, ain’t no plans, just tell Khris to just press record
Just bought a new house for my girl, my daughters, and my lil’ boys
6 million, bi**h, I’m sittin’ on top the mountain like Costello, ni**a

Hold your own, young man
And remember no love
Inside these streets you roam

Just did time, became a hustler, tryna turn it from backwards (What that mean?)
He been tryna make the money keep on stackin’
Education out the streets
Don’t need no lecture pastor
Run from police, they don’t like me ’cause I’m a rich f**kin’ bastard
Turn it up, go faster, I come from stolen cars to my own whip
Got a shooter inside with me, ain’t got no name, they like, “Who own him?”
Told youngin, “Don’t leave the backside of that Nawf,” they like, “Who zoned him?”
Finally rich, I came home and turned around, they said, “They cloned him”
Mathematics gon’ switch my whole position, we play with numbers here
Start it, end it, puttin’ s**t in the grave, this be them diggers, yeah
Green flag tattoos all on they face and they be quick to kill
From the environment, holdin’ my bi**h body, it was an attempt to get me drilled
The art of water, art of murder, look who standin’ still
Audemars came stainless steel
Portrait painter can’t even paint the kid
DA tryna paint the picture
A lie, I can’t, the truths, I bid
Signed a gentle bond, still set the bid
Dreamed of contract business as a kid

Hold your own, young man
And remember no love
Inside these streets you roam

Song Details
Singer : YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Album : The Last Slimeto
Lyrics : YoungBoy Never Broke Again, MalikOTB, Khris James
Music : Bans, Khris James, Jay Lv
Label : Atlantic Records

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