Freeze Corleone – Shavkat Lyrics

Shavkat Lyrics by Freeze Corleone is a New French song from the album “ADC” sung by popular rapper Freeze Corleone. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Freeze Corleone and music produced by Flem. Shavkat Song DetailsSinger : Freeze CorleoneAlbum : ADCLyrics : Freeze CorleoneMusic : Therapy 2093, Flem Shavkat Lyrics J’arrive Japonais comme … Read more

Vulgo FK, MC PH & Veigh – Ballena Lyrics

Ballena Lyrics by Vulgo FK is a New Portuguese song from the album “Perdas & Ganhos” sung by popular artists Vulgo FK, MC PH & Veigh. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Vulgo FK & Veigh and music produced by Pedro Lotto. Ballena Song DetailsSinger : Vulgo FK, MC PH, VeighAlbum : Perdas … Read more

JUN – PSYCHO Lyrics (English Translation)

PSYCHO Lyrics (English Translation) by JUN is a New Chinese song sung by popular singer JUN of SEVENTEEN. Lyrics of this song are written by JUN and music produced by BuildingOwner. PSYCHO Song DetailsSinger : JUNLyrics : JUN, PonyZhang (Dreamnotes), Glenn (PRISMFILTER)Music : BuildingOwnerLabel : Pledis Entertainment PSYCHO Lyrics [Chinese] 无法理解 存在的 everything逐渐崩溃 反复循环 无趣的 … Read more

Anitta – Funk Rave Lyrics

Funk Rave Lyrics by Anitta is a New Portuguese song sung by popular singer Anitta. Lyrics of this song are written by Anitta & Diplo and music produced by DJ Gabriel do Borel. Funk Rave Song DetailsSinger : AnittaLyrics : Anitta, Diplo, Márcio ArantesMusic : Diplo, Márcio Arantes, DJ Gabriel do BorelLabel : Republic Records … Read more

Zack Tabudlo & Al James – Gusto Lyrics

Gusto Lyrics by Zack Tabudlo is a latest Filipino song sung by popular artists Zack Tabudlo & Al James. Lyrics of this song are written by Zack Tabudlo and music produced by Zack Tabudlo. Gusto Song DetailsSinger : Zack Tabudlo, Al JamesLyrics : Zack Tabudlo, Al JamesMusic : Zack Tabudlo Gusto Lyrics Ako’y natutulala, araw-araw … Read more

Summer Cem & Ezhel – KONTAK Lyrics

KONTAK Lyrics by Summer Cem is a New Turkish song sung by popular rapper Summer Cem featuring Ezhel. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Summer Cem and music produced by Geenaro. KONTAK Song DetailsSinger : Summer Cem, EzhelLyrics : Summer Cem, EzhelMusic : Geenaro, Ghana BeatsLabel : Banger Musik KONTAK Lyrics (Geenaro)(So, I’m … Read more