Drake – Screw The World (Interlude) Lyrics

Drake – Screw The World (Interlude) Lyrics

Screw The World (Interlude) Lyrics by Drake is a New English song from the album “For All The Dogs” sung by popular rapper Drake featuring DJ Screw. Lyrics of this song are written by Drake and music produced by DJ Screw.

Drake - Screw The World (Interlude) Lyrics

Screw The World (Interlude) Song Details
Singer : Drake, DJ Screw
Album : For All The Dogs
Lyrics : Drake, DJ Screw, Nas, Tone
Music : DJ Screw
Label : Republic Records, OVO Sound

Screw The World (Interlude) Lyrics

I never player hate
Uh, ’bout to screw the world
F*ck what you doin’, you can’t f*ck with my crew

Screw the f*ckin’ world on up
Mr. Nine-Six, syrup in my cup
Bustin’ down, smilin’ ’round, and I got them girls
Mr. damn Screw, I would never be with you
Way back in the days, now I’m ballin’, f*ck a fade
I don’t give a damn, and I’m pimpin’, pushin’ plays
Popped up, chopped, them boys ain’t gon’ like it
F*ckin’ with the greatest, them boys, they’ll spike it
I can tell you much, player drankin’, damn sober
Never flippin’ through the cut, we ain’t, we ain’t sober
Mr. Nine-Six, big bag of tricks
Right before your eyes, Screwed Up Click
My clique down with million, I’m down with the mean
My homies still drank, push the damn lid
I don’t give a damn ’cause we all got a dub
Came up from a scrub, now I pull up
We go through the door to the floor
I’ma do it and I like to take my sh*t slow
Uptempo is the beat
I’m laid back and blowin’ on a Sweet
Put your a** to sleep, do it

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