PANDEMONIUM Lyrics by NF is a New English song from the album “HOPE” sung by popular rapper NF. Lyrics of this song are penned down by NF and music produced by Tommee Profitt.

Song Details
Singer : NF
Album : HOPE
Lyrics : NF, Tommee Profitt
Music : Tommee Profitt, NF
Label : Capitol Records


Somethin’ special ’bout me, you can already tell the energy is different
Confidence is at the highest level
I don’t ever see it dippin’ (Yeah)
Try me if you wanna, guarantee though you gon’ wish you hadn’t did it
That’s a war that you could never win
But hey, I like the optimism (Woo)
Given over half my life to this, I think I made a good decision (Made a good decision)
Trust my gut, I hear it talkin’, then I know it’s time for me to listen (Time for me to listen)
Mastermind consistent, matchin’ my commitmеnt, that’s not realistic (Woo), ayy
Feature prеsentation what they came to see, I open up the curtain (Woah)
Oh my
Pandemonium, it’s showtime
Got they noses up, I know why
Jealous of me ’cause the flow nice
Did it all without a co-sign
Shoot, I always hit the bull’s-eye
Barely even puttin’ effort in this
Effortless, imagine if I did try (Woah)
Acknowledge me or not
That don’t really make no difference to me, I
Operate the same no matter who’s around me
Who’s around me is important to me (I)
Keep my enemies at arm’s length, but
Close enough to make me feel safe, my
Diligence can’t be competed with
An easy win for me, this just a small taste of-what?

What I’m capable of doin’ with my talent
Stretchin’ my imagination, watch it turn a
Small idea into somethin’ that you have to (What?)
Tip your hat to when you see it, the whole package
Ain’t got nothing missin’, check off every box
It’s unavoidable at this point, don’t you act like (What?)
You don’t see me out here makin’ waves
I gotta air about me, I don’t play the game
The way they want me to, they tell me, “Take a left,” I take a (What?)
Right, I’m not the one to pick a fight with
Try and bully me, make you regret it quick
The only person I allow to push me around is my-
Body language, read it well
Tweetin’ on your face, I’m flippin’ through your pages
You don’t have to scream and yell
It’s clear to me, yeah, I can tell
The front you put on isn’t real
That poker face ain’t hidin’ nothin’ new
The hand you have before the cards were dealt
I got what they lack, first in every class
Never come in last, game is on my back
Wifey on my lap, she my better half
Heavy when I stack, pockets gettin’ fat
Passion never left, say it with my chest
Got a problem? (Yes) Meet me in the flesh
You don’t cut the check? I don’t do the set
Not a fan of threats, always been direct (Woo)
Nothin’ but the best, rarely do the press
Promise me the world, not holdin’ my breath
They want me to fail, haven’t done it yet
Stackin’ up the bread, thankful ’cause I’m blessed
Sharpest in the shed, pen is cutting-edge
I get in the booth, perfect, nothin’ less
Key to my success? Keep a level head
“We want somethin’ fresh,” what you think this is?

What you think this is?
Deadly with the raps, how could you forget?
Thought I mighta left, thought I mighta quit
Thought I hung it up, thought I-think again
Petty? That depends, what’s the latest trend?
I don’t have a clue, I don’t follow them
They just follow me, keep ’em on the edge
Keep ’em on they toes, keep ’em wonderin’ (Ayy)
Keep ’em wantin’ more, eatin’ out my hand
Don’t look at the score, don’t look in the stands (No)
Focused on my goals, execute the plan
Beat me at my game? Never, not a chance
Walk you through my pain, show you who I am
Don’t care what it pays, loyal to my brand
Foot is off the brake, steppin’ on the gas
No one at my pace, catch me if you can (Ayy)

Far from done, got so much left to give you
Not the man I was, that person detrimental
2020 me could never hold a candle
To the present-day me standin’ here before you
Overstep (Woo), destroy, you give up, can’t afford to
Keep my standards high, ain’t changin’ that for no one
Diggin’ deep, still got that hunger, press record, ya
Hear it in my voice, can’t let the fame and fortune
Get the best of me (Ayy), see clearly what’s important
Not impressed with me? Ain’t lookin’ for endorsements
Droppin’ masterpieces left and right, ignore the
Hate, life testin’ me, passin’ with flyin’ colors (Ayy)
Always been unique, can’t be no dime a dozen
I take pride in this, won’t catch me cuttin’ corners
Have no tolerance for ignorance, I heard ya
Lost your confidence in me, this should restore it