Power Couple Lyrics – Labrinth

Power Couple Lyrics by Labrinth is a New English song from the album “Ends & Begins” sung by popular artist Labrinth. Lyrics of this song are written by Labrinth & Muz and music also produced by Labrinth.

Power Couple Song Details
Singer : Labrinth
Album : Ends & Begins
Lyrics : Labrinth, Muz
Music : Labrinth

Power Couple Lyrics

F**k anybody else
They don’t know what we’ve been through
F**k anybody else
They don’t know what the world did to you
F**k what they say
They don’t really got nothin’ good to say anyway (Anytime, anyplace)
F**k every one of them
They ain’t none of our friends
All we need is this, two of us and a full clip

No, they don’t want beef
They don’t want no lost teeth
They don’t want knuckles, no
They don’t wanna bleed, but I come for blood
‘Cause I f**kin’ love you, yeah

Yeah, I’m crazy, crazy enough to say I’ll
Crazy enough to swear I’ll die for you, yeah
They don’t know sh*t, don’t know who they’re f**kin’ with
It’s the power couplе

It’s the power couple

Now lеt me calm down
Compose myself on the next century, yeah
When I give love, yeah, I love so hard, girl, it’s excessive
F**k it

Yeah, I’m crazy, crazy enough to say I’ll
Crazy enough to shed my blood for you
My ride-or-die chick
Don’t know who they’re f**kin’ with, it’s the power couple

It’s the power couple
(They been waiting for it)
It’s the power couple

Power Couple Music Video

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