Quavo – 11.11 Lyrics

11.11 Lyrics by Quavo is a New English song from the album “Rocket Power” sung by popular rapper Quavo. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Quavo and music produced by Cheeze Beatz.

11.11 Song Details
Singer : Quavo
Album : Rocket Power
Lyrics : Quavo, Cheeze Beatz, Rel Money
Music : Go Grizzly, Cheeze Beatz, Jambo
Label : Capitol Records, Quality Control

11.11 Lyrics

Dark nights, I can’t sleep, so I cry ’til I close my eyes (Cheeze, Cheeze)
I never asked God, “Why?” I just go where the road designed (Go Grizz, woah)
Take a look in the sky (Sky), my eyes open wide (Ayy, bro, is that Jambo?)
All eyes on me, but I’m no 2Pac

I’m a G.O.A.T., I’m a boss, I’m a leader (Woo)
Won’t settle for nothing, not even it’s cheaper
To fill up my tank, I need drank by the liter
I bought her a car and that b*tch was a creeper (Skrrt)
Got the keys to the streets but you might got amnesia
Got Cheeze on the beat, so you know this a heater
Put cheese on me last, just like I’m a pizza
Hold on, I just caught a fever (Go)
You forgot how I put it together
The Rocket and ‘Cho, we gon’ last forever (Take’)
5:30, Huncho and ‘Set get up early and go out and go get that bag together (‘Set)
Who the f**k gonna put us together?
Can’t nobody put this sh*t back together
So stay the f**k out of the middle, lil’ fella, we always gon’ be that, we fam’ forever (Migo)
How I look tryna dance with the devil, got ice in my cross and my dad was a reverend (Huh?)
I watched my brother Takeoff go to heaven, an angel, we celebrate eleven-eleven (Angel)
Greatest group, I can count up some blessings (Soo)
Stay connected like charging a Tessie (Skrrt)
F**k a ni**a, I’m down with my bestie (F**k)
That’s my ‘phew, I can never forget him
No weapons formed against me shall prosper (Nah)
F**k a closet, cleaning out my locker (Woo)
Talk to me nice, not proper
I’m looking for the smoke like a Rasta’
I’ll call on him if I need a partner (Grr)
Even though what he did was kinda
It’s bigger than us and let’s not remind her (Big)
We together, ni**a, get the chopper (Rraow)

Dark nights, I can’t sleep, so I cry ’til I close my eyes
I never asked God, “Why?” (God) I just go where the road designed (No)
Take a look in the sky (Sky), my eyes open wide (Wide)
All eyes on me, but I’m no 2Pac

Open wide, speed it up
(Speed it up, speed it up)
On the moon, mama’s only son (Mama, mama)
Good drank what my nephew loved (Purple, purple)
Don’t break the seal, you can’t open one (Nope)
Dark nights, I can’t sleep for none
Close my eyes, I can’t see none
Don’t ask God, “Why?” For none
We on this road, it’s designed to run