Sunny Boy Lyrics – M83

Sunny Boy Lyrics by M83 is a New English song from the album “Fantasy” sung by popular group M83. Lyrics of this song are written by Anthony Gonzalez & Joe Berry and music produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

Song Details
Singer : M83
Album : Fantasy
Lyrics : Anthony Gonzalez, Kaela, Joe Berry
Music : Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Sunny Boy Lyrics

To which system does she belong?
Is she the girl called Sunny Boy?

Have you ever believed in?
I am star-struck
Cosmic adrenaline
She’s young and fierce
Have you ever kissed?
And I like her
Hmm, maybe I love her

Is that the same moon we love?
Why does this girl burn?
So long ago when we were born
A timeless sun, sun
Sun, love

Have you ever bеlieved in?
I’ve been star-struck
Cosmic adrеnaline
She’s young and fierce
Have you ever danced?
And I love her
With a tear falling

Have you ever done it?
Danger star-struck
Cosmic adrenaline
Such a radiant queen
Have you ever danced?
Hope she hits me
With a tear falling
Oh, I love her

Can we just make it last?
Can we just make it last?
Can we just make it last?

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