nbdy I.M Lyrics (English Translation)

nbdy I.M Lyrics (English Translation) : I ain’t nobody, where should I belong?/내 속은 공허해 비어있어 텅/어딘지 모르고 난 서 있어/주위에 둘러 쌓여도 I feel alone

Skyline I.M Lyrics

Skyline I.M Lyrics : Waving on the sky, movin’, touchin’ all the time/You just have to climb, baby, I can make you high

X0 I.M Lyrics (English Translation)

X0 I.M Lyrics (English Translation) : X-O-X, I’ve been thinking/About you and I bet you know this/I’m sinking and you’re killing me hard/But I bet I like this

Bust It I.M Lyrics

Bust It I.M Lyrics : Bust it down for my life like it’s last time/Keep it up ’til my blood is on the ground/Bust it down ’cause I want this sound out loud

I.M – Slowly Lyrics | HEIZE

Slowly Lyrics : This song sung by I.M featuring HEIZE, is a New addition to the Korean music scene. Lyrics of this song are penned down by I.M