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21 Lil Harold – Sundown Lyrics | JID

Sundown Lyrics : This song sung by 21 Lil Harold & JID, is a new addition to the English music scene. Lyrics of this song are penned down by 21 Lil Harold & JID and music for this track was produced by 21 Lil Harold.

Sundown Song Details
Singers : 21 Lil Harold, JID
Lyrics : 21 Lil Harold, JID
Music : 21 Lil Harold

Sundown Lyrics

Woah, uh-huh
Uh-huh, yeah

Lost so many friend, can’t put my gun down
The opps so mad ’cause they get spinned ’til the sundown (On God)
If I ain’t owe you at least a ten, you can’t even come ’round
This 4L shit locked in for life, you know my background (Facts, p*ssy)
Each one of them in church, can’t put my strap down (Uh-huh)
We put ni*gas on white tee shirt when they get smacked down (Uh-huh)
Yeah, seemed way more nice, my momma ain’t have no lights
And I can’t trust you with my life, if you ain’t rockin’ that knife (Knife)
Eighteen, young ni*ga tryna ball, I ain’t have hoop dreams (Uh-huh)
Nineteen, Glock right on my side, I got blood on my jeans
Twenty shit, I done seen my close partner turn to a dope fiend
Back then twenty one, drop a ni*ga for my guy, leave him right there on the scene

It’s only way to make, ni*ga
Gotta wait ’til your time come, ni*ga
Be patient, ni*ga
‘Til then, ni*gas stackin’ money up, ni*ga
Catch up

Way before this rap I been adapt to how shit go and how shit happen
It get drastic, playin’ like that at the park, it like Jurassic after dark
Gymnastic, a ni*ga done jumped the gate tryna escape the gun sparkin’
If you hear them dogs barkin’ at me, danger
My brother told the truth, so when he takin’ out his anger
Then he aim that b*tch at you, and squeeze it like you gettin’ strangled
All this shit so painful, but we made it through
Ni*ga just tryna make a move, but me, I’m makin’ major moves
2012, I was sittin’ in a cell, they done put me out of school
2013, I was livin’ off of (…?) workin’ at the Dominos
2014, I was tourin’ with the bros, openin’ for Ab-Soul
2015, I was gettin’ to the dough, good to see a ni*ga grow
But his heart cold, and the ni*ga don’t know where to start though
We was snatchin’ shit out of the Walmart, scratchin’ number, the serial barcode
With the money, we go to (…?) way before when it was a Wells Fargo
So I pray that somebody watch over me
And ni*ga be trappin’ his rap, like Narcos, move it all around the globe

Sundown (Music Video)