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Allie X – Hardware Software Lyrics

Hardware Software Lyrics : This song sung by Allie X, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Girl With No Face”. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Allie X and music for this track was produced by Allie X.

Allie X - Hardware Software Lyrics

Hardware Software Song Details
Singer : Allie X
Album : Girl With No Face
Lyrics : Allie X
Music : Allie X
Label : Twin Music Inc.

Hardware Software Lyrics

My hardware is getting too hard
I like software, it makes me calm and stuff
I like wearing robes, playing Stereolab
I like hanging out with my mom and dad
I don’t want to quantize everything
I want to make a computer that gives me pleasure
I wanna cut you and I wanna paste me
I wanna kick and scream and shout like a bee sting

My hardware is getting too fast
I need to slow down, honey, wanna make it last
And my software is kicking me in the gut
It’s gonna get me soft like a pillow top
I wanna line my bed with a mountain of debt
I wanna earn my face on the internet
I wanna kill, kill, kill ’til my world is dead
And I can’t stop thinking ’bout all of that

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