Beach Bunny – Infinity Room Lyrics

Infinity Room Lyrics by Beach Bunny is a New English song from the album “Emotional Creature” sung by popular rock band Beach Bunny. Lyrics of this song are written by Jonathan Alvarado and music produced by Sean O’Keefe.

Infinity Room Lyrics

When you turn around, my heart, my heart
Seems to fall down
But not falling apart
And all and all the promises I made to myself
Don’t help me from wantin’

When I look above
I lose control
You’re like a mirror looking into my soul
And all I thought I ever was, wasn’t at all
And I can’t help how I’m feelin’

The sun is only half as bright as your light
The ocean only half as deep
And all of time and space may make up a life
But you’re the one that makes living so sweet

Song Details
Singer : Beach Bunny
Album : Emotional Creature
Lyrics : Jonathan Alvarado, Lili Trifilio
Music : Sean O’Keefe

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