Cuco – Heaven Is Lucid Dreaming Lyrics

Heaven Is Lucid Dreaming Lyrics by Cuco is a New English song from the album “Fantasy Gateway” sung by popular singer-songwriter Cuco. Lyrics of this song are written by Cuco and music produced by Manuel Lara.

Heaven Is Lucid Dreaming Lyrics

The HILD corporation would like to welcome you
To our most recent development
The portal into the Fantasy Gateway
We will, we will go where no human has gone
Where the dream world and purgatory cross
Chances of return, zero per cent
Final destination is unknown
The developer in who I trust
Will protect you in your journey
Life in the gateway is programmed to be perfect
Everything costs a memory
But you will crеate new ones
Dеtach and remember
Heaven is lucid dreaming

Song Details
Singer : Cuco
Album : Fantasy Gateway
Lyrics : Cuco, Andrés Rebellón
Music : Julián Bernal, Manuel Lara

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