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Gimme Da Lite Lyrics – Southside | Lil Yachty

Gimme Da Lite Lyrics : The song “Gimme Da Lite” sung by Southside & Lil Yachty, is a new addition to the English music. Smatt Sertified produced the music and lyrics of this song are written by Lil Yachty.

Gimme Da Lite Song Details
Singers : Southside, Lil Yachty
Lyrics : Southside, Lil Yachty, Smatt Sertified
Music : Smatt Sertified, Southside

Gimme Da Lite Lyrics

(Southside on the track, yeah)

Free all my lil’ homies, they was goin’ insane (Woo-hoo)
Couple of new ni*gas tryna join the gang (Woo-hoo)
Tell me he a stepper and he tryna hang (Woo-hoo)
I did not believe it till I seen him bang (Phew, Woo-hoo)
Creepin’ down the street, I’m poppin’ out a pane (Brrt)
The homie died, can’t let his name go out in vain (Woo-hoo)
P*ssy ain’t no Blood he never seen a flame (Woo-hoo)
Tweaking out, I feel that Molly throbbing in my veins
Hmm, hmm, hmm (Okay), hmm (Psh), hmm (Psh)
Hmm, hmm (Okay), hmm (Psh), hmm (Psh)
My baby a real geeker, my baby a- (What?)
My baby a real geeker (Huh, yeah, hm)
Baby off a sixty (Percy), lookin’ p*ssy (Yeah)
I don’t drink no Trisy (What), shit get tricky (Brrt)
Caught them boys in person, shit got sticky, yeah
F*ckin’ up a sack on that p*ssy (Damn)
Yeah, yeah (Psh, go), yeah, yeah (Psh), yeah, yeah

Gimme the light (Go)
Gimme the light (What?)
Gimme the light (What?)
Gimme that, uh (Yeah)

I’m in the back of the Benz, I’m in the back with twins (Yeah)
Bendin’ the back on Wock’, never been sippin’ on gin (Okay)
I put diamonds in my mouth when I grin
You ain’t gon get back, p*ssy, take it on the chin (Yeah)

Gimme the light (Yeah, okay)
Gimme the light (Yeah, phew)
Gimme the light (Hm, okay)
Gimme the light (Pss)
Gimme the light (Hm, yeah)
Gimme that


Gimme Da Lite (Music Video)