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Grippy Lyrics Cash Cobain, J. Cole

[Grippy Lyrics]

She like my kick game
And when we met, don’t kick game
I put her front row of the Knick game
Now she in my phone with a nickname
It’s, it’s, it’s, hmm (Mmm)
Yeah (Bro, I’m rockin’ with this one)
Grippy, huh
Grippy, I call her that ’cause it’s grippy
She thinkin’ it hip, she a hippie
And she thinkin’ of lips, she gon’ lick me
And she sendin’ a flick when she hit me
With a kissin’ emoji, she miss me
When she see me, she say she gon’ strip me
She gon’ chew on the stick like it’s Wrigleys
Mm, yеah, believe it or not likе Ripley’s
She said she was gay until I slayed, now she’s strictly-
As soon as she page, I’m on the way, and I be showin’ up quickly
On the highway, I’m goin’ a hundred-and-fifty
Like, I gotta get you up out the Vickies, uh, like
So good, I just had an epiphany
It’s grippy and wet, you know I’m a vet, but you makin’ me feel like a rookie
How you make me tap out so swiftly?
But I’m back for the second round victory
I remember I saw you on Fifth Ave. with your homie Sabrina and Tiffany
I was thinkin’ like, “Damn, your whole clique bad”
But I wanted your body specifically, hmm
Like, I’m tryna see how that glove gon’ fit me, hmm
Like, I wanna feel like I’m touchin’ your kidneys, hmm
Like, I’ma send all your kids to Disney, hmm, hmm
I’ma pay a lil’ extra, make sure they meet Mickey, hmm
She a what? She a what? She a grippy, huh
She a what? She a what? She a grippy

I’m tryna give you the best of me
I wanna kill it like rest in peace
Eat on that pussy like it was a recipe, like
I wanna make you a mommy
You look good as a redhead, dreadhead, black hair, pink hair, blondie, like
I know I be on ya body
Not Meg Thee Stallion, but you a hottie
You let me hit I’ma buss ya scalotti, like damn
I cannot wait till I see ya
I cannot wait till I eat ya
You got a n!gga then I wanna be him, like damn
You know I would never play ya
Can I put you on my face love
I want ya p*ssy now and want it later, like
Got a body like you Wayda
Can I put you on my face love
That p*ssy creamy call you mash potatoes, like
You got that good up v*gina
I gotta, find ya
I gotta hit one more time to remind ya, like damn
Niyah, you the quiet, you the shy one
I wanna mm, nevermind love
F*ck that, I want parts of ya v*gina, like damn
I know that shit macaroni
I wanna be more than homies
Gimme that p*ssy don’t be acting phony, like
You the opposite of boney
Can you ride it like a pony
Whenever you want it mommy, you could call me, like
I wanna have us a 3v3
Make it a movie, DVD
All of us got our phones on DND, like damn
Tiq the freak, Destiny, Lexi, I got a BNB
Polishers, like the eatery
None of these others n!ggas ever seeing me
Marni, Marni
I don’t wanna talk about Marni
I don’t think that I should talk about Marni
F*ck it, I’ma talk about Marni
You pi!ss my b!tches off like a potty
Can’t get these n!ggas off of your body
I wanna put it all in your body
Wanna get in ya draws, till my d*** is soft, now my d*** is off in ya body
I got that different talk
If a n!gga say that he don’t want you then he get gizz lotti
Like damn

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmh

We could make a mess, tss
I got something I must confess, tss
I wanna see you get undressed, fisher
I’m bout to send you my address
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
And when it in doubt, got me figured out, can’t forget about
I wanna f*ck your body till your dizzy
Want you to suck it sloppy, make it spitty
I’m about to call your phone so come get with me
Know you don’t drink, can you sip me?
I want ya face, you so pretty
I got a thing, for your titties
I wanna eat your body like a ten piece, damn

Grippy (Music Video)

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Grippy Lyrics Cash Cobain, J. Cole : This song sung by popular rappers Cash Cobain & J. Cole, a New addition to the English music scene, accompanied by a music video. Grippy song released on May 24, 2024 on the Cash Cobain official YouTube channel. The song also available on other music platform.

Grippy Song Credits

Artists : Cash Cobain, J. Cole
Lyrics : Cash Cobain, J. Cole
Music : J. Cole, Cash Cobain
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Grippy Song: Q&A

Who performed the song “Grippy” by Cash Cobain?
Ans. Cash Cobain, J. Cole

Who wrote the lyrics of “Grippy” by Cash Cobain?
Ans. Cash Cobain, J. Cole

Who produced “Grippy” by Cash Cobain?
Ans. J. Cole, Cash Cobain

When did Cash Cobain release “Grippy”?
Ans. May 24, 2024