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Juice WRLD – Cheese and Dope Freestyle Lyrics

Cheese and Dope Freestyle Lyrics by Juice WRLD is a latest English song sung by popular rapper Juice WRLD. Lyrics of this song are written by Juice WRLD and music produced by DJ Paul.

Cheese and Dope Freestyle Song Details
Singer : Juice WRLD
Lyrics : Juice WRLD
Music : DJ Paul, Juicy J

Cheese and Dope Freestyle Lyrics

Everybody doin’ that Cheese and Dope Challenge on Instagram, that’s funny
You not trolling me with that sh*t? (What?)
Cheese and dope sh*t, that Project Pat (Yeah)

B*tch, I’m better, b*tch, I’m better, b*tch, I’m better, b*tch, I’m better
I do better, I do better, I do better, I do better
You wanna fight? You wanna fight?
You wanna fight? You wanna fight?
Juice Mayweather, Juice Mayweather, Juice Mayweather, Juice Mayweather (Ha-ha-ha)
Look at the way I’ma spit this sh*t, look at the way I used to hit them licks
I was back in the Chi’, I was runnin’ through the 6, like Drake, but I don’t got no woes for sh*t
Pull up on the scene with the chopper, like, “Damn”
Ni**a shoot him in his face, but it hit his b*tch
All I know is get the cash and stack it, yeah, after I make you flip
Smokin’ on dope, smokin’ on dope, sellin’ that dope, I’m in the trap
Used to have brown in a bag, used to serve it out my lab
Fifty more dollars, had to pay to get high in my house
But if you was tweakin’, f**k it, load that clip when I kick you out
I got cheese, hoes, and a bunch of f**kin’ dope
I got P’s, coke, and some killers at the door
Ni***s fake, lip syncin’, Milli Vanilli on these hoes
I’m just poppin’ like a wheelie, like Meek Milly on a go, ayy
Off of the molly, I’m a whole different person
Snakes in the grass, but I see the serpent
Run up on me, I get to murkin’
Gun is a bird, It get to chirpin’
Ooh, ayy, ayy, she tell me I’m pretty, I say, “I’m prettier in person”, ooh, ayy
I thank God every day, he bless me, this discernment
I see demons, I see demons, I see angels, uh
My eyes are like cameras, and I see it from different angles, uh, ayy
Run up on me, you get shot, huh, gun on my hip, uh-uh, ayy
Boy, this b*tch I pocket, huh, yeah, I got a pocket rocket, huh, ayy
Project Pat, uh, I’m a project kid, uh
Hit you in yo’ stomach, bullets, you digestin’ it
I never had no Section 8, no, I lived in that Section A
UP universe park, that’s where I was at, that’s where we f**kin’ stayed, ayy
We was in Cal’ Park, ayy, uppin’ the hunnids, ayy, ayy
Ni***s in Rosen, ay, ay, gettin’ that money, ayy, ayy
Over ease up in the streets, actin’ grimey, ayy, ayy
I ain’t Thug, but some my ni***s’ll get real slimey, ayy, ayy
Huh, .40 with that 30, I deserve it
I’m ballin’ for that green, I’m shootin’ on my Larry Bird sh*t
Ni***s know what’s up, I’m in the kitchen, like I’m Curry
Whippin’, whippin’, flippin’ chickens, Harold’s to the churches
Ni***s know what’s up with me, in the kitchen with the cutlery
Ballin’, Jimmy Butler, rushin’, I was Chrissy Tucker, please
Get the f**k back, ‘fore we f**k up ‘yo set
Droppin’ sets, loading TEC’s
Hit your face and yo’ neck
B*tch, I’m ballin’, don’t need rebounds, I’m dunkin’ on the b*tch
Up in school, I couldn’t do no work, I was flunking in that b*tch
High as f**k, off the Xans, sleep in class, f**k the work
Matter fact, after class, I was probably selling work
I had Addy’s for the 30, I had Vyvanse for the 10
I had all types of Xans, I used to pass that to my friends
Who get high up beside lunch, after that, probably skip school
I was ridin’ ’round the city with my motherf**kin’ tool, uh
Used to leave the burbs, go back to the city
Gun with a pretty pea coat, Pretty Ricky
You get shot in yo’ back, if you think this sh*t sweet
Mask on me, it ain’t Halloween, still Trick or Treat
All these hoes wanna f**k on me, they can’t get d*** for free
Matter fact, can’t get d*** at all, ’cause these b*tches ain’t for me
They be triflin’, they be triflin’, tryna rob, tryna scheme
If a b*tch tryna set my brothers up, might leave her on the scene, uh
See, my gun is bis*xual, it also knows a lot of big words, it’s perplexual
See, b*tch, I be flexin’, and my life is on a pedestal
I’m just like KISS or sum’
I got that heavy metal, and I’m rockin’

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