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Kodak Black – Pistolz & Pearlz Lyrics

Pistolz & Pearlz Lyrics by Kodak Black is a New English song from the album “Pistolz & Pearlz” sung by popular rapper Kodak Black. Lyrics of this song are written Kodak Black and music produced by Mike WiLL Made-It.

Pistolz & Pearlz Song Details
Singer : Kodak Black
Album : Pistolz & Pearlz
Lyrics : Kodak Black, Mike WiLL Made-It
Music : Pluss, Mike WiLL Made-It

Pistolz & Pearlz Lyrics

Yeah, like pistols and pearls
Pearls, pearls
(Ear Drummers)

Hmm, I like pistols and pearls
Always knew I wanted to be a thug since a baby
Thanks to all the killers and dr*g dealers that raised me
Choppers come with flowers, I like choppers and daisies
Walk like Miss Daisy
A mill’ a day, I’m sippin’ syrup
If they don’t give me my flowers
I’m just gon’ take ’em out the dirt
Growin’ up, ain’t have sh*t, all this, I hit one, just to splurge
Tryna make it out this b*tch, ain’t give my mama everything she deservе
I made a rapper bag off (…?)[0:40]
Kicked down an old lady to gеt that sack
I snatched the ho
Half a mill’ in this account, for this amount, I’ll tag a toe
I can’t up him, just withdraw it, so I done robbed the b*tch real slow
And all my b*tches do Percs
I’m quick to put a bad b*tch on bedrest
Break up with her soon I get the motherf**ker pregnant
‘Cause I’m just gon’ spoil the b*tch anyway
Uh, robbed the jewelry store with a purse
‘Cause the most sufficient for all this sh*t that I’m stealin’
WIC check, listen, check, K, f**k the witness
I’ll be a real ni**a later (…?)[1:14]
Have you ever seen a killer in a skirt?
I like pistols and pearls, I like pistols and pearls
I like pistols and pearls, I like pistols and pearls
And guns and roses, I like choppers and flowers and choppers and baggies, b*tch
Uh, just hit a lick
Just hit a lick, then gave the diamonds to my b*tch
I just snapped, ain’t no cap, all I rap real events
(…?)[1:37] when I was a jit
And I’m still hittin’ licks
(…?)[1:45], then I sprint
Young ni**a, I got old gold, still got pearls stacked with some cash when I was doin’ dirt
Finna give it to my mama on her fifty-first
If they don’t give me my flowers
I’ma just snatch ’em out the dirt
Smokin’, ask my big brother Cool, I was thirteen with a bookbag full of credit card soldiers
Sometimes I still might jack me a car, hit the parkin’ garage and pull off with a Rover
I like beautiful girls and pistols and pearls and bust down rose set chokers
I like guns and roses, Rolls-Royce horses, plain jane Rolex voices
And Dracos and any lines, GI, ain’t no man-made diamonds
Love and war, that’s lost, can’t have peace without no violence
I don’t smoke the bodies, I don’t rep the ni***s
Send that ni**a a rose in his DM
B*tch, I’m gon’ kill you

You know what I’m sayin’?
If I send you a rose, a dead flower
A rose, any kind of rose, a daisy, whatever
B*tch, you gon’ die, you gon’ die soon
Yeah, you might die, you might die soon
You gon’ die, b*tch, I’m gon’ kill you
Choppers and chocolate and AKs and dead flowers
And guns and roses and pistols and pearls
And pistols and pearls and pistols and pearls
And pearls and choppers and daisies and Dracos and then the lines
Pistols and pearls and pistols and pearls and choppers and- yeah

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