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Lucy Rose – Dusty Frames Lyrics, Music Video

[Dusty Frames Lyrics]

Dusty frames
Of photographs that take me back to those old days
Life could be so simple, but it’s full of pain
And memories that keep us going all the same
Couldn’t you have been much kinder

I don’t know where I am going, but it’s driving me insane
Why could you have not shown her, the same love
You showed me every day, the same love
That would make a difference, but it’s too late

She’s gone because the world was cruel, now rain has come
But not enough to wash away your sins, they’ll stay
But change and we could all live a better day
Please change for her and change for him, I’m begging you
Water’s running down my face and I feel lost
Because the world was never what I dreamt it was

Not a world that I can live, so change it all
There doesn’t need to be this pain, so change it all
Change it for our children, can’t you see we’re broke

Can’t you see it, can’t you see it, change it all
There’s beauty in the smallest moments, can’t you see
Where there is hate we could bring love, so change it all

Can’t you see her

Dusty Frames Lyrics : This song sung by popular singer Lucy Rose, is a New addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “This Ain’t The Way You Go Out”. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Lucy Rose and music for this track was produced by Lucy Rose.

Dusty Frames Song Details
Singer : Lucy Rose
Album : This Ain’t The Way You Go Out
Lyrics : Lucy Rose
Music : Lucy Rose

This Ain’t The Way You Go Out (2024) Tracklist

1. Light As Grass
2. Could You Help Me
3. Dusty Frames
4. Whatever You Want
5. Interlude I
6. Life’s Too Short
7. This Ain’t The Way You Go Out
8. Over When It’s Over
9. Sail Away
10. Interlude II
11. No More
12. The Racket

Dusty Frames Song: Q&A

Who performed the song “Dusty Frames” by Lucy Rose?
Ans. Popular English singer-songwriter “Lucy Rose”.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dusty Frames” by Lucy Rose?
Ans. Lucy Rose

Who produced “Dusty Frames” by Lucy Rose?
Ans. Lucy Rose

When will Lucy Rose release “Dusty Frames”?
Ans. April 19, 2024

When will Lucy Rose release the album “This Ain’t The Way You Go Out”?
Ans. April 19, 2024