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Meaning Behind But I by Solar (MAMAMOO) | Music Video

[Meaning Behind But I]

“But I” can be a prelude to expressing a contradiction, exception, or hesitation. It often signals a shift in the conversation or a moment of personal reflection.
Certainly! “But I” can also convey a sense of reluctance, uncertainty, or inner conflict, indicating that the speaker may have reservations or conflicting thoughts about the subject at mind.

Here is the Solar (MAMAMOO) new song “But I” lyrics depict a complex emotional journey of heartbreak and self-discovery. The artist reflects on a relationship that has left them feeling withered and unloved, despite outward appearances of happiness. She express deep resentment towards their former partner, emphasizing their disdain and desire to move on. Amidst the pain, there’s a sense of empowerment as they resolve to love themselves and let go of the past.

The imagery of the flower that never bloomed and the freezing cold floor without warmth symbolize the emotional stagnation and loneliness experienced in the relationship. The mention of a “beautiful breakup” sarcastically contrasts with the pain and bitterness felt by the artist.

The repetition of “I really hate you” highlights the intensity of the speaker’s emotions, as they grapple with conflicting feelings of love and resentment towards her ex-partner. The demand for honesty and authenticity, as well as the dismissal of superficial qualities like “body, money, face, vibe,” underscores a longing for genuine connection and emotional fulfillment.

Despite the hurt and betrayal, there’s a sense of resilience and renewal as the singer resolves to focus on self-love and growth. The imagery of the flower in full bloom under sunlight symbolizes newfound strength and vitality, suggesting a hopeful outlook for the future.

Overall, the song explores themes of heartbreak, disillusionment, and self-empowerment, offering a poignant reflection on the complexities of love and loss. Through raw emotion and vivid imagery, it shows the pain of a broken relationship while also celebrating the journey towards self-discovery and healing.

But I (Music Video)

But I Song Credits
Artist : Solar (MAMAMOO)
Lyrics : Solar (MAMAMOO), Lee Hoo Sang, Kim Do Hoon
Music : Lee Hoo Sang, Kim Do Hoon
Label : RBW