Motivation Lyrics – Alkaline

Motivation Lyrics by Alkaline is a New English song sung by musician Alkaline. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Alkaline and music produced by SartOut Records.

Motivation Song Details
Singer : Alkaline
Lyrics : Alkaline
Music : Autobamb Records, SartOut Records

Motivation Lyrics

My intuition, ah
My testify inna God

Feel di pressure, man a beat it like a sledge
I never need that kind of pledge
Concentrate and hold di faith, hold up yuh head
Mek nothin’ drive yuh to di edge
(Mark my word)
Most day have a light inna di tunnel
Matter how it hard, a burden weighty than a dumbbell
Attaining, achieving, prevailing
Like welding light illuminate a success we a radiate

Inspire, inspire
Yo, yo, alright
Better believe

No fearing, wi deh up against
Intruder waan fi blur wi out, di vision a fi mеk amends
Determinеd and wi diligent
Wid talent and wi inna strength
Go up above any challenge
Wull heap a love fi give
Nuh must get in return and so we go but mi will live
A just di game yuh know it rig, always ah pray big
A top is over me, that’s what it is

Inspire, inspire
Yo, yo, alright
Better believe

Refusal fi stay down
Zup weh leff dem whappen weh dem did tink seh di gear done
Beat it ‘na dem ears drum
Persevere, endurance, all a dat, stay-stay strong
Nah go rectify and mi a tell yuh di truth
Wah kind a style like dat fi go home, yo, a wah do yuh, dude?
Yo, mi d’even care weh dem deh pon, mi tell a killer shoot
Chicky heart and it a work, a just fi buss di bag and gwaan again

Inspire, inspire
Yo, yo, alright
Breathe as we breathe, deny
And mi haffi seh, good evening, thank you, hahaha, you know

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