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Never Let Go by Jung Kook showing Gratitude, Love to his Fans

Never Let Go by Jung Kook reflects heart-touching and beautifully express a deep sense of gratitude and love. Here are some of the most touching phrases from this song.

1. “Every day, I wonder if this all is just a dream” – This line captures the surreal feeling of experiencing something extraordinarily wonderful.

2. “Without your love, I’m nothing” – This phrase highlights the importance of the loved one in the artist’s life, emphasizing how their love defines their existence.

3. “You mean more than you know” – It conveys that the depth of the artist’s feelings may be beyond what words can express or what the loved one can comprehend.

4. “My pen and paper could never do quite enough” – This line suggests that the feelings are so profound that even the most earnest efforts to articulate them fall short.

5. “We got something real nothing could break” – It underscores the strength and resilience of their bond, suggesting that their connection is unbreakable.

6. “You fill my world with wonder” – This phrase captures the sense of awe and inspiration that the loved one brings into the speaker’s life.

7. “Everybody needs somebody, you been that somebody” – It acknowledges the universal need for companionship and recognizes the loved one as the person who fulfills that need.

8. “In the dark, you were the light that led me to you” – This metaphor beautifully depicts the loved one as a guiding light in difficult times.

9. “I’m grateful (For you), It’s simple (With you), I’ll never (Leave you), I’m better (With you)” – These phrases express deep gratitude, simplicity, commitment, and self-improvement inspired by the loved one.

10. “So stay with me and keep holding on” – This plea for continued support and togetherness highlights the artist’s desire to maintain their strong connection.

These phrases collectively create a powerful and emotional expression of love, gratitude, and the irreplaceable value of a significant other in the artist’s life.

Never Let Go (Music Video)

Never Let Go Song Credits

Singer : Jung Kook
Lyrics : Jung Kook, star boy, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, Melanie Joy Fontana, Outtatown, Sim Fane, Jesse Bluu, Bak
Music : Outtatown, Bak, Sim Fane, star boy