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Pearl Jam – Wreckage Lyrics, Summary, Translation, Music Video

[Wreckage Lyrics]

Visited by thought, another darkened day
How you are like the sun hiding somewhere beyond the rain l’m needing for the light, stormy is the grey
Rivers overflowing, drowning all our yesterdays

Visited by thoughts on another darkened week
How even every winner hits a losing streak
The mistakes we all make and perfectly repeat
Chains are made by DNA refusing, refusing to relеase

Combing through the wreckagе, pouring through the sane surrounded by the remnants, what we could and couldn’t have Raking through the ashes falling through my hands
Charcoal on the faces in the burned up photographs

Oh, visited by thoughts, and this I got to say
Lf you’re feeling the leaving, I can’t make you stay l’ve only ever wanted for it not to be this way
But you’re now like the water, and the water will find its way

Combing through the wreckage
Holding out, holding on
Combing through the wreckage
Combing through the wreckage

Oh, visited by thoughts and not just in the night
That I no longer give a f*ck who is wrong and who’s right This game of winner takes all, and ali means nothing left spoils go the victor, and the other left for dead

Uh-huh, combing through the wreckage
Holding out, holding on
Combing through the wreckage

Combing through the wreckage
Holding out, holding on
Holding out, holding, holding
Holding on

Combing through the wreckage
Combing through the wreckage
Falling through the wreckage

[Wreckage Lyrics Summary]

For the visitors of my website, here is the another meaning of the word “Wreckage” is “Ruins”, “Waste”, “Flop”, “something badly damaged”, in broad sense it means “the aftermath of severe emotional or psychological damage, capturing the broken and fragmented state of things or a person following profound turmoil or trauma.

The song “Wreckage” lyrics portrayed a picture of a person grappling with somber reflections and the fallout of past events. Themes of loss, regret, and resignation are prominent as the speaker deals with overwhelming emotions, akin to weathering a storm or navigating through floods that erase the past. Despite these challenges, there is a recurring action of “combing through the wreckage,” which signifies a relentless search for understanding what remains after personal devastation. The artist also touches on the inevitability of change and letting go, as highlighted by the imagery of water finding its way. Moreover, there’s a profound sense of fatigue with conflict and a desire to move beyond the dichotomy of right and wrong, focusing instead on survival and resilience. The lyrics reflect a deep emotional struggle paired with the determination to endure and persist through life’s trials.

[Wreckage Lyrics Translation]

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Wreckage Lyrics : This song sung by popular band Pearl Jam, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Dark Matter”. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Eddie Vedder, watt and music for this track was produced by watt.

Wreckage Song Details
Singer : Pearl Jam
Album : Dark Matter
Lyrics : Stone Gossard, watt, Jeff Ament, Eddie Vedder, Matt Cameron, Mike McCready
Music : watt
Label : Universal Music Group

Keyboards : watt, Josh Klinghoffer
Vocals : Eddie Vedder
Bass : Jeff Ament
Drums : Matt Cameron
Piano : Josh Klinghoffer, watt, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder
Guitar : Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, watt, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, Josh Klinghoffer
Baritone Guitar : Jeff Ament
Percussion :Matt Cameron

Dark Matter (2024) Tracklist

1. Scared Of Fear
2. React/Respond
3. Wreckage
4. Dark Matter
5. Won’t Tell
6. Upper Hand
7. Waiting for Stevie
8. Running
9. Something Special
10. Got To Give
11. Setting Sun

Wreckage Song: Q&A

Who performed the song “Wreckage” by Pearl Jam?
Ans. Popular American rock band “Pearl Jam”

Who wrote the lyrics of “Wreckage” by Pearl Jam?
Ans. Pearl Jam

Who produced “Wreckage” by Pearl Jam?
Ans. watt

When did Pearl Jam release “Wreckage”?
Ans. April 17, 2024

When will Pearl Jam release the album “Dark Matter”?
Ans. April 19, 2024