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Post Malone – Green Thumb Lyrics

Green Thumb Lyrics by Post Malone is a New English song from the album “AUSTIN” sung by popular rapper Post Malone. Lyrics of this song are written by Post Malone and music produced by watt & Louis Bell.

Green Thumb Song Details
Singer : Post Malone
Album : AUSTIN
Lyrics : Post Malone, watt, Louis Bell
Music : Post Malone, Louis Bell, watt

Green Thumb Lyrics

Ah, dum-dum

Drove by your house and noticed it was overgrown
Your flowers are all dead and I thought you should know
What happened to your green thumb that you were so proud of?
If bodies were scattered and starving for love
Starving for love

But one, one, one was on his deathbed
He told me you left long ago
Oh, no, he said with his last breath
Wake up, she’s not coming home
Da-dum, dum-dum

He must be so cool and own a motorcycle
Buying you flowers to replace what you left
My new love pours herself out more than I’d like
Her name is Brandy, we’ll be married tonight
Married tonight

When I, I, I, I’m on my deathbed
I’ll remember you left long ago
Oh, no, I hear the nurse say
“Goodnight, she’s never coming home”

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