Shinedown – Welcome Lyrics

Welcome Lyrics by Shinedown is a New English song from the album “Planet Zero” sung by popular rock band Shinedown. Lyrics of this song are written by Eric Bass and music also produced by Eric Bass.

Welcome Lyrics

Welcome to Planet Zero
Planetary regulations require that you check your screens for a list of all approved speech
Protected classes, and accepted behaviors
We hope that you enjoy your stay
And as always, remember to start your day with outrage

Song Details
Singer : Shinedown
Album : Planet Zero
Lyrics : Eric Bass
Music : Eric Bass

Planet Zero (Tracklist)

1. 2184
2. No Sleep Tonight
3. Planet Zero
4. Welcome
5. Dysfunctional You
6. Dead Don’t Die
7. Standardized Experiences
8. America Burning
9. Do Not Panic
10. A Symptom of Being Human
11. Hope
12. A More Utopian Future
13. Clueless and Dramatic
14. Sure Is Fun
15. Daylight
16. This Is a Warning
17. The Saints of Violence and Innuendo
18. Army of the Underappreciated
19. Delete
20. What You Wanted

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