Slipknot – Acidic Lyrics

Acidic Lyrics by Slipknot is a New English song from the album “The End, So Far” sung by popular band Slipknot. Lyrics of this song are written by Jay Weinberg & Michael Pfaff and music produced by Slipknot.

Acidic Lyrics

I’m livin’ in a Dead Man’s shoes…
Stolen coat, not much hope with these Cardiac Blues
And I keep forgettin’
Trivialize a mirror image alive-
I won’t trouble you… I’m just trouble
Now now now now now
We don’t have to leave it alone
We don’t even have to be alone
We just have to think we’re alone
So everybody leaves us alone

I don’t serve my time
‘Cuz time don’t tell
The grim is behind me…
I’m always alignеd with my selves
Come and lеad me on
Come and see me on
Come and feed me on
The s**t that we all be on

I’m not a god-like you
I’m not a God, like you

I’m running in a dead man’s shoes…
Sacrilege, and broken cartilage
I’m beaten and bruised
And I keep forgettin’ to forget
The back is always front
The way is always shot
The one is always two
I’m not a god
The back is always front
The way is always shot
The one is always two

I’m living in a dead man’s shoes
I’m living in a dead man’s shoes

Song Details
Singer : Slipknot
Album : The End, So Far
Lyrics : Jay Weinberg, Shawn Crahan, Craig Jones, Michael Pfaff
Music : Joe Barresi, Slipknot
Label : Roadrunner Records, Warner Music Group

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