Staying Lyrics by Lizzy McAlpine

[Staying Lyrics]

Whisper to me, baby
I’m too far gone to care
I wish I could have said what I meant when it was right there

Now I’m laying in bed with you
And you’re falling asleep
How can you look so peaceful
When you know I’m gonna leave?

What happens when you love me dry?
I give myself to help you get by
I keep on lying and sweating at night
Hold me until someone sends me a sign

Maybe I would be okay
If I let this go forever
Send it into space and watch the planets turn

Maybe I will some day
Let this go forever
Hold me until I find the nerve

Staying Lyrics : This song sung by popular artist Lizzy McAlpine, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Older”. Lyrics of this song are written by Lizzy McAlpine and music for this track was produced by Mason Stoops.

Staying Song Details
Singer : Lizzy McAlpine
Album : Older
Lyrics : Lizzy McAlpine
Music : Mason Stoops, Lizzy McAlpine
Label : RCA Records, Indigo Blue

Older (2024) Tracklist

1. The Elevator
2. Come Down Soon
3. Like It Tends To Do
4. Movie Star
5. All Falls Down
6. Staying
7. I Guess
8. Drunk, Running
9. Broken Glass
10. You Forced Me To
11. Older
12. Better Than This
13. March
14. Vortex

Staying Song: Q&A

Who performed the song “Staying” by Lizzy McAlpine?
Ans. American singer-songwriter Lizzy McAlpine

Who wrote the lyrics of “Staying” by Lizzy McAlpine?
Ans. Lizzy McAlpine

Who composed the song “Staying” by Lizzy McAlpine?
Ans. Lizzy McAlpine

Who produced “Staying” by Lizzy McAlpine?
Ans. Mason Stoops, Lizzy McAlpine

When will Lizzy McAlpine release “Staying”?
Ans. April 5, 2024

When will Lizzy McAlpine release the album “Older”?
Ans. April 5, 2024