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Taylor Swift – The Albatross Lyrics, Summary, Translation, Music Video

[The Albatross Lyrics]

Wise man once said
“Wild winds are death to the candle”
A rose by any other name is a scandal
Cautions issued, he stood
Shooting the messengers
They tried to warn him about her

Cross your thoughtless heart
Only liqour anoints you
She’s the albatross
She is here to destroy you

Wise man once said
“One bad seed kills the garden”
“One less temptress, one less dagger to sharpen”
Locked me up in towers
But I’d visit in your dreams
And they tried to warn you about me

Cross your thoughtless heart
Only liqour anoints you
She’s the albatross
She is here to destroy you

Devils that you know
Raise worse hell than a stranger
She’s the death you chose
You’re in terrible danger
And when that sky rains fire on you
And you’re persona non grata
I’ll tell you how I’ve been there too
And that none of it matters

Wise men once read fake news
And they believed it
Jackals raised their hackles
You couldn’t conceive it
You were sleeping soundly when they dragged you from your bed
And I tried to warn you about them
So I crossed my thoughtless heart
Spread my wings like a parachute
I’m the albatross
I swept in at the rescue
The devil that you know
Looks now more like an angel
I’m the life you chose
And all this terrible danger (Ah-ah-ah-ah)
This terrible danger (Ah-ah-ah-ah)

So cross your thoughtless heart (Ah-ah-ah-ah)
She’s the albatross (Ah-ah-ah-ah)
She is here to destroy you

[The Albatross Lyrics Summary]

In the simple manner the word “Albatross” stand for a bird which is largest in all birds, which is exist million of years ago. “The Albatross” in literature hold a meaning of Good or Bad.

Here in this song lyrics the artist tell a story of warning and inevitable destruction, centered around a metaphorical figure, the “albatross,” which symbolizes a burdensome and destructive force in someone’s life. The “wise man” mentioned throughout the song provides aphorisms that hint at the dangers of ignoring cautionary advice about harmful influences or people. Despite warnings, the artist describes a scenario where the destructive force (referred to as “she”) is continually underestimated and ultimately leads to dire consequences. The narrative shifts perspective, suggesting both the inevitability of dealing with such dangers and a paradoxical rescue by the very force deemed dangerous. This complex interaction suggests themes of fatal attraction, the blurred lines between savior and destroyer, and the consequences of ignoring wise counsel.

So the name of the song “The Albatross” is perfectly justify the whole song.

[The Albatross Lyrics Translation]

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The Albatross Lyrics : This song sung by popular singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT”. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Taylor Swift and music for this track was produced by Taylor Swift.

The Albatross Song Details
Singer : Taylor Swift
Lyrics : Taylor Swift
Music : Taylor Swift
Label : Republic Records

The Albatross Song: Q&A

Who performed the song “The Albatross” by Taylor Swift?
Ans. Taylor Swift

Who wrote the lyrics of “The Albatross” by Taylor Swift?
Ans. Taylor Swift

Who produced “The Albatross” by Taylor Swift?
Ans. Taylor Swift

When will Taylor Swift release “The Albatross”?
Ans. April 19, 2024

When will Taylor Swift release the album “THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT”?
Ans. April 19, 2024