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Vince Staples Freeman Lyrics

[Freeman Lyrics]


It feels good to be a free man with clenched hands
I used to pray to find a way to make a label advance
But nowadays 100k ain’t even getting my glance (Hell nah)
Ain’t even setting up no meeting ’til they meet the demands
An undisclosed amount from Netflix, invest it
I turned the set into a movie set for all of the kids
To see who you can be if you believe you’re bigger than this
Don’t be no crab in the bucket, be a Crip at the Ritz
Them crackers see me in the Sweden, try to call up the pigs
But we know they don’t fly, the time flow way too high, feel like the time flew by
Been ten plus years, lost love, lost peers
Shed blood, shed tears
Cheers, grab a glass
I’ll never find a equal mind, I’ll settle for the fattest a** (For real)
I’m tryna find a way and all she say is, “Bae, you make me laugh” (What’s so f*cking funny?)
Heavy is the hand that reaches past the plates to pay the tab
But n!ggas gotta eat, right?

It’s all good, it’s all good
It’s all good

Yesterday, this lady told me that she feel like we homies
Love the music, love the way I’m moving, watchin’ me closely
Wanna see me on the GRAMMYs stage, holdin’ in trophies
I responded, “as above, so below me,” she said, “Explain”
It’s the power of the human brain, we trapped in our dreams
I understand I’m just a grain of sand and life is a beach
Only Heaven know whichever way I blow in the breeze
I’ll be a fool to think it’s live up to me
But I appreciate the love, loved one, still young
They tryna figure out the ins and outs of where we from
Heal the blocks that we spun, the concrete crack
Hey, we steppin’, n!ggas won’t get back, right?

It’s all good, it’s all good
It’s all good, it’s all good
It’s all good, it’s all good
It’s all good, it’s all good

Freeman (Music Video)

Freeman Lyrics Vince Staples : This song sung by Vince Staples, a New addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Dark Times”, accompanied by a music video. Freeman song released on May 24, 2024 on the Vince Staples official YouTube channel. The song also available on other music platform.

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Freeman Song Credits

Singer : Vince Staples
Album : Dark Times
Lyrics : Vince Staples
Music : Matty Michna, Xavi, SAINT MINO, Michael Uzowuru, Leken Taylor, Zack Sekoff
Label : Def Jam Recordings

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Vince Staples Freeman Lyrics
Vince Staples Freeman Lyrics