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Wallows Going Under Lyrics

[Going Under Lyrics]

Oh, I’m scared of going under
Thinking that it’s over with you
Now my head has hit the pavement
You’ve been isolating
Slowing down

I hope it’s better this year
Tell me what I want to hear
You hold it down when I can’t speak
You hold it down
Just wake me up when it’s over
My headache shows when it’s sober
My heart, it races
Can barely face it

Oh, I’m scared of going under
If it’s almost over with you
Now my head has hit the pavement
I’ve been oscillating
Spinning ’round

Now I don’t know where I’m turning
Every step’s a new end
No way out

I sense it every night
This feeling that I’ll disregard all that we are and say goodbye
But you know I would never leave
Just give me time to think and figure out how I let it get this far
Now you’re screaming that you’ll lose it all
I’m so sure that we’ll make it out once more
And prove to you
That you are more than I could ever need

Oh, I’m scared of going under
If it’s ever over with you
Now my head has hit the pavement
Just got to be patient
And take our time

Going Under (Music Video)

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Going Under Lyrics Wallows : This song sung by popular rock band Wallows, is a new addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Model”. Going Under song released on May 24, 2024 accompanied by a music video on Wallows’s official YouTube channel.

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Going Under Song Credits

Singer : Wallows
Album : Model
Lyrics : Cole Preston, Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters
Music : John Congleton
Label :

Going Under Song: Q&A

Who sung the song “Going Under” by Wallows?
Ans. Wallows

Who wrote the lyrics of “Going Under” by Wallows?
Ans. Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston, Braeden Lemasters

Who produced “Going Under” by Wallows?
Ans. John Congleton

When did Wallows release “Going Under”?
Ans. May 24, 2024

When did Wallows release the album “Model”?
Ans. May 24, 2024

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Wallows Going Under Lyrics
Wallows Going Under Lyrics