YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Slow Down Lyrics

Slow Down Lyrics by YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a New English song from the album “The Last Slimeto” sung by popular rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Lyrics of this song are written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and music produced by D-Roc.

Slow Down Lyrics

(Turn me up, Dissan)

Eagle’s beak to the street
Flowers bought to put on a grave
I’m wishin’ when it’s time that my grandbaby do the same
Look in your eyes, mama, you full of pain
I’m so sorry that I never changed
Baby mama, I’m trippin’
Oh, so now can you forgive me?
Smokin’ my lungs when I’m wishin’
I need the book that’s been written
I’m on a quest, they left a money trail, oh
And I ain’t go to Heaven ’cause I live in Hell, oh
Peter Pan dope, tan dope, man, no luck, though, it ain’t blowin’
‘Cause he ain’t have an Ace, he had a Jack
Lookin’ at you gon’ get your s**t bust, you booked, bro, try the jet
That’s a nеw double-R truck and that’s a stolo four-door Jag

I didn’t wanna live ’round town
Differеnt groups with different kind of colors on ’em
And they all got guns on ’em
I’ve been wavin’, but nobody slowed down


Life like Soprano, trunk filled with ammo
Feel I get more lost the more rich I get
Long as you gone, I start to care no more
Read the encyclopedia, my flaws on Wikipedia
Broken souls, ain’t nothin’ but creatures here
If I blow the strap, I’m leavin’ you (Look here)
Ball for the media, no, cheer for the sunlight
Woke up in snowstorm on a slow night
Christ gon’ return, right?
Money talk like the Eiffel Tower
Ni**a, that’s I
I take A and place it over you and the D come when you die
Uh, leave you with a liquor disease
The blick that they bought tension and we brought some sticks for to squeeze
He get stuffed in some leaves
Tell a truck to stay out my way
Ain’t been friendin’ with nobody ’cause I know it ain’t safe

I didn’t wanna live ’round town
Different groups with different kind of colors on ’em
And they all got guns on ’em
I’ve been wavin’, but nobody slowed down

Song Details
Singer : YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Album : The Last Slimeto
Lyrics : YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Yo Benji, Dissan
Music : Wayv, D-Roc
Label : Atlantic Records

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